Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas anorexia

dear emily,

when all the kids left to go back to school after thanksgiving, i had two
choices:  feel sorry for myself or decorate for their return.  so, i threw
myself into the Christmas spirit and worked diligently for days.  when i
came up for air, i was pretty pleased with myself.  the house had never
looked more festive.

after many days of living with it, though, i walked into the family room
and whined, "i can't see any Christmas anymore."

hans and hailey's jaws dropped open, and hailey said, "mom,
every corner, table, and surface of our entire house has a Christmas
decoration on it.  there are lights everywhere, santas everywhere, angels
everywhere, and mangers everywhere!  i think you have Christmas

i hope they don't check me into one of those clinics...

merry Christmas,

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