Monday, October 11, 2010

health and fitness

dear emily,

a couple of weeks ago, i attempted to share my fitness regime and ended
up talking about cheesecake instead.  this post, however is as serious
as a heart attack.

one month ago, i made a sober self, size, and well being assessment.  i
was still heartbroken at my last child hopping out of the nest all the way
to brazil and tending to my heart with a huge scoop of vanilla haagen
dazs and chocolate syrup every night.

as i stepped away from my calorie laden addiction, i made a firm commit-
ment to myself:
  • no more ice cream fiestas after dinner
  • as many fruits and vegetables as i can stand
  • low carb for dinner
  • drastically smaller portions but every 3-4 hours during the day
  • lots of exercise, weight training, and water 
    at first, it was very uncomfortable.  i made myself stop eating even when
    i still wanted "more, please."  but, amazingly, just one month later i am
    enjoying satisfying and nutritious meals but am no longer able to eat 
    large portions.  my stomach now tells me, "no more, please." 

    i am also adjusting to my new life with hans, which includes bike rides,
    long walks, travel, and very soon a trip to brazil to see our sweet daughter!  

    and yes, my jeans fit quite comfortably again.  no way, i'm telling  the size!


    "on this mountain the Lord will prepare a feast of rich food for all
    people, a banquet of aged wine- the best of meats and the finest
    of wines."  isaiah 25:6