Sunday, May 23, 2010

so long, louboutin!

hallelujah!!!  the only good sign of the shaky economy is that
8 inch stilettos are OUT and 1.5 inch 'kittens' are IN.

not that i ever wore the incredibly leg lengthening louboutins,
but i was tempted for a second and thought about asking for a
pair for last year's anniversary.   until i tried on some.

it brought back memories of having my blood drawn.   the
rubber band around my arm and needle in my vein was not
nearly as uncomfortable as squeezing my feet into the torturous

stiletto:  classic italian switchblade with an automatic trigger.
uh huh.  and both made by men, reminiscent of chinese foot

having made the painless decision not to wear them, i was surely
diminished by  the other girls who  did.   i was frumpy  by any
standard in my puny pumps, but the playing field has now been

leg by leg . . . or shoe by shoe.

"vanity, vanity, all is vanity!" ecclesiastes 1:1