Saturday, October 2, 2010

50 push ups for me!

my friend margaret, at single and sane, wrote the most inspirational essay
on the beauty of not being too thin.  it was music to my chubby ears, as
it is apparently a tiny bit healthier to be a tiny bit heavier.  woo hoo!

this coincided with my first two weeks of a diet and almost sabotaged it,
but i held firm to my new standard.  no cheesecake after midnight.

i also walk everywhere i go . . . in the house and am really into pushups,
especially the orange cream ones or the victoria secret ones.

honest to goodness, i was going to write a serious treatise on my lifestyle
changes, but it all of sudden started to seem so funny.  today, after trying
on too many pants that were still TOO tight, i spotted a tiny sign at the
bottom of the dressing room mirror.

"we want you to be beautiful."

well, they should have dimmed the lights.


"all is vanity."  ecclesiastes 1:2