Wednesday, March 31, 2010


the hurdles is an excruciating race for me to watch.  when the
runners trip and fall, i bury my face in my hands.  it must hurt
so much, but they just pop right up and finish the race.  how
do they do that?

moms have more than their share of hurdles.  we carry our
sweet babies within us for nine months, and then we birth
them, feed them, burp them, bathe them, rock them, sing to
them, doctor them, teach them, read to them, correct them,
and of course, love them.

and that is the easy part.

the hurdles of advising them about friendships, romances,
safe driving, college applications, and getting married are
quite a bit higher and come faster than you ever expect.

before we know it, we are tripping over hurdles left and
right.  and we do not have the luxury of giving up, but we
brush ourselves off, make sure we are properly 'refueled',
and head toward the next hurdle.

i imagine the last hurdle will be into the grave, and by then we
will probably be ready for it. :)  hopefully, we will be able to say,
"i have fought the fight and finished the race." (2 timothy 4:7)

after that i expect to enjoy some 'flying.'


ps.  i thought it would be much longer before i came back.  just
goes to show . . . that i never know what i am talking about.