Sunday, April 25, 2010

drugs in rental cars

hans and i were being treated to a sumptuous four course feast at an
extraordinarily beautiful home.  as i took a bite of the delicious veal
saltimbocca, my seating partner recounted a very funny statistic.

he said that once a month rental cars are returned with all sorts of
illicit drugs.  crazy.  what kind of foolish person would be so careless
to forget the contraband?

the story gets better.  apparently, rental car companies are required
to notify the authorities each time.  the police then has the company
call the offender to say that he has left behind valuable property.

do you see where this is going?  i almost choked on the tender breast of
carolina quail.  every single time, the ignorant drug user/leaver returns
to see what he left behind and gets his behind put behind padded doors.

speaking of padding, i enjoyed every delectable bite of my chocolate


"a companion of fools suffers harm."  proverbs 13:20