Thursday, June 24, 2010

the semifinals!!!

dear sweet blog friends,

thank you for persevering with us through this songwriting

the next voting period ends at 11:00 pm, sunday, june 27th.
they are also limiting the voting time to cycle through each
band a few times, so no more sore fingers.

unfortunately, the other bands are well established with lots
of fans.  since, SUNDAY LANE is new to the scene, she
basically just has family and friends.

as you can deduce, we are really outnumbered now.  sort of
like david and goliath.

BUT, i love a challenge and have the best friends in the

if you want to continue to help SUNDAY LANE, click
here, listen to each of the remaining 20 bands for 15 seconds
and vote.  it will only take about 15 minutes.

please let me know if you vote, because i am praying about a
way to show my gratitude.

"for You make me glad by Your deeds, o Lord; i sing for joy
at the works of Your hands.  how great are Your works, o
Lord, how profound Your thoughts."  psalm 92:5