Wednesday, May 12, 2010

an inkling from thistle cove farm

well, i just can't believe that i won something and not just
anything, but the most lovely of all things.  a book!   my
family has accused me of loving books more than people,
which is a terrible indictment and NOT true, well maybe
a wee bit true.

anyway, sweet sandra of thistle cove farm just sent me the

inklings by jeschke, and i am so excited to dive into

if you haven't visited sandra's lovely farm, you are in for a
treat.  it is worth it for the exquisite view that greets you, but 
the real treat is the many wonderful things you will learn.  
she's a sheepherding, horse ranching, business woman, who 
is devoted to plain, simple, and elegant living.

her rich quotes and inspiring messages are a delight for the
soul, and her beautiful photos a feast for the eyes.  

thank you, sandra, for my new treasure.  your blog has been
a treasure chest!


"every good thing and every perfect gift is from above."
james 1:17