Sunday, March 14, 2010

my previous blunder

dear emily,

how to count my blunders?  in number or degree of

my chronic disease contributes to most of them.  i have
OCDD. . . obsessive compulsive disposal disorder.

i have thrown away important bank slips, CHECKS, bills,
receipts, letters, magazines.  you name it, and i have
tossed it, to my family's constant dismay.

i have given away hans' favorite shirts, ties, suits, and
shoes.  now to my defense, favorite to him, means the
cuffs are frayed and the shoes no longer have soles.

i have left car windows down during thunderstorms and
bumped the car into the garage door so many times that
isaac jumped in front shouting, "no mom, don't do it! let
dad park it when he gets home."

but the worst blunder of all, the one that still makes me
want to empty the contents of my stomach, is difficult to
tell.  sunday had just finished her college application to
baylor.  i was so impressed by the eloquence of every
essay as i edited, at her request.

what she didn't request or could have imagined is that i
accidentally, unintentionally, inexplicably pushed the
delete button!

and do you know what she said to me?

"well, i guess i will just go to 'xyz' university."

what a lovely example that "His mercies are new every
morning. . . " even when i don't deserve them.
lamentations 3:21-23


ps.  i'm going to 'spring' away from my computer for a
few days.