Sunday, January 24, 2010

bedtime stories

dear emily,

do you ever have a difficult time putting your kiddos to bed?
we had some pretty funny trials.

hans always wanted to tuck the kids in, because he missed
them all day.  the loose schedule was for everyone to brush
their teeth, go to the bathroom, get a drink, and dive into bed.

he would then tell them a story, usually one he made up about
larry lizard lips, who he drew on their chubby little tummies.
they would giggle hilariously at the silly escapades and travails
of poor larry and beg for 'just one more story!'

the boys were pretty good about falling right  to sleep after
prayers, the girls were another story.

after they were safely tucked in, heartaches expressed and
prayers said, there would be the inevitable, "daddy, i need
another drink...from the kitchen...NOT the bathroom!"

"daddy, i need to go to the bathroom, again!"

"daddy, you tucked shelby in longer than me!"

"nuh, uh! sunday got tucked in way longer!"

but, the best ever was from hailey,  "daddy, there's a bug on

seriously, a bug?


ps.  "the Lord gives to His beloved in their sleep."  Psalm 127:2