Monday, April 5, 2010

wisteria lane

wisteria is blooming around our fair city like a glorious floral fashion
show.  each stem is heavy with clusters of lavender grapes, whose
intoxicating scent is turning the heads of busy bees . . .  both species.

hans knows a man who divorced his wife because he couldn't stand
her scent.  i had never thought of such a humiliation!  what did he put
on the divorce papers?  irreconcilable smells?

there is no disguising one's breath after eating raw onions or the awful
aroma in the kitchen after cooking broccoli.  a pumpkin pie baking in
the oven, on the other hand, is heavenly.

my girls smell like cotton candy, but my boys are more like wet puppies.

i suspect my individual scent is influenced by many things, but my hope
is that, "i will be the aroma of Christ."  2 corinthians 2:15