Sunday, May 2, 2010

"parents, do NOT let your kids go to sunday school!"

remember the book, everything i know i learned in kindergarten?  if i
wrote a book, it would be called, all my orneriness was committed in
church.  pretty sure it would be a best seller.

kids are going to be ornery, and if you spend night and day at church, that's
where you're going to err.  at least, that's my excuse.

now i had a sidekick, or i was the sidekick, but she is a highly respected
minister, so i can't reveal her secret identity.  she is adored by all her
flocks for her insightful preaching and caring heart.  she will pray for you
at the drop of a hat.  she even did that in high school!

but that's not where we were ornery.  no, pretty much only in church.

at church camp, we unscrewed all the sugar lids, put a napkin over the
top, and gently turned them upside down.  then we carefully balanced
the lids on the actual bottom.  when an unsuspecting counselor wanted
a little sugar in his coffee . . . voila!

when we were supposed to be singing sweetly in choir, we were really
sneaking all over the church.  and by all over, i mean every square inch
from the basement to the 16th floor prayer room.  if we were caught
there, we had a great excuse . . . praying, of course.

we had to be good in sunday school, though, because the teacher was
my future mother in law.  we still had a secret way of communicating
that pretty much made fun of every single person in the class, just not
my mother in law to be.

i've managed to misuse the word 'pretty' three times, and i think that
was a freudian slip, because my friend is really pretty!

anyway,  the moral of the story is, "parents, do NOT let your kids go to
sunday school!"  :)


"hear my voice when i call, o Lord;  be merciful to me . . ."
psalm 27:7