Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dear emily,

this summer i spent several nights alone in the mountains which was
kind of scary with the bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and all.   sure
enough, one night i was awakened by a squealing cry that chilled me.
some poor animal was certainly being murdered by a predator.

when i flashed my trusty light out the window it reflected off dozens
of eyes.  creepy and not fair to the deer, fox, or chipmunks.

the next morning i heard the same cry and opened the curtains to see
not a corpse but a herd of about 75 elk!   i guess because He made
them so beautiful, the Lord didn't give them lovely voices.

i took a few terrible photos from my window having heard that elk
were skittish.   i even tiptoed onto our porch without disturbing
them, but when i clicked the camera again they stampeded down
the hill.

quite a thrill.

see the baby?

"the Lord is good to all, compassionate to every creature."  psalm 145:9