Sunday, August 22, 2010

lonely moms?

dear emily,

i just ran into a young mom who wished she had a friend with whom
she could share her heart and struggles.  she said that as much as she
loved her two little boys, they couldn't discuss the issues in her heart
or even fashion, for that matter.  her husband could only answer,
"does this make me look fat?" so many times.

i've also read a few blogs written by some other lonely moms, saying
that they just didn't have time to be with their friends.  no time for

it is heartbreaking to hear about such loneliness . . . and a little
befuddling.  when my children were little, we met my friends and
their children at the park, the pool, or the church all the time.   once
they began attending 'real' school, it was harder to see my closest
friends, but i made new ones in the basketball stands, and i caught
up with the old ones whenever possible.

is it really harder now for young moms to make new friends or to spend
time with their dear friends?  is it that we are becoming more remote
from each other because of the internet, etc.?

i have the most wonderful, caring, selfless friends in the world, and
cannot imagine my life without them.  i can remember my mom's
best friend laughing in our kitchen over coffee and my grandmother's
helping her to can sandplums.  women are wired for companionship,
and it worries me to imagine our culture without that.

i would love to hear your suggestions to help these lonely moms find
some kinship.


"a friend loves at all times, and is born, as is a brother, for adversity."
proverbs 17:17