Monday, June 7, 2010

please help sunday lane!

this is a shameless mother's desperate attempt to help my daughter,
sunday lane.  she has entered the hanson 'shout it out' songwriting
contest . . . late.

this puts her at a huge disadvantage, but she has already climbed
to #36.  would you please consider clicking the above link and
voting for her . . . as many times as you like?  once you are at the
site, click 'judge'.

then you have to drag each song over, lock vote, and continue until
you get to her grouping.  be sure to drag her to the top before filling
in the other spots, and then you're done.  occasionally, you may have
to listen to a song for 15 seconds.  just click the band, watch the clock
and then drag the band over. (sorry!)

her name is sunday lane and her song is "won't back down."

i am in your debt.  thank you.


"i thank my God always concerning you . . ."  1 corinthians 1:4a

oh, boo!

my mother in law is one of our fair city's most beloved women.   she
is gracious and kind to every person she meets and always remembers
their name.  even though the rest of the community calls her husband,
'mr. h.', she is known to everyone as 'peg.'

and when i say everyone, i mean the grocery clerks, the waitresses at
olive garden, the gas attendants at texaco, the teachers at the local
elementary school, and every employee in her husband's company.

her beauty is legendary, her charm is remarkable, but her skill in
extracting money from local business men is extraordinary.  in one
year she raised about $2,000,000 for our flailing local libraries by
frying up bacon, baking homemade pecan rolls, and pleading with
those helpless men for their dollars.

she is a woman of great faith and wisdom.  having been in her
sunday school classes, i can attest to her understanding and love
of the scriptures and her Saviour.   having been her daughter in
law for almost 30 years, i can speak of her kindness and grace.

one of my favorite 'peg' traits, though,  is her humility.  recently,
she made one of her delicious soups, but when we tried to praise
her, she said what she always says, "oh boo!"

"humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth, honor, and life."
proverbs 22:4