Tuesday, December 15, 2009

keeping pappy, happy!

cdear emily,

another way to keep a rewarding, loving marriage is to have a
consistent date night.  my mom gave me this advice not long after
we brought our first baby, isaac, home from the hospital.

she told me to brush my hair, put on some make up and a pretty
dress, and go out to dinner with hans.  moms are so bossy!  she also
admonished us to not talk the entire time about our beautiful,
wonderful baby.  that was the hardest part, because we were so
enthralled with him.

instead, we talked about each other and our dreams for the future.
we kept the coals of our pre-children love burning by investing in
that relationship.

as our covey expanded, it became harder to find the time.  basketball
games, ballet and piano recitals, school programs all competed with
our weekly date, but we held fast and firm to it.  we had to get very
creative and that made it more valuable and fun.

after 30 years, we still have that standing date.

what you do after the date, is up to you....but we have a saying in our
house, "keep pappy, happy!"   1 corinthians 7:3-5