Saturday, March 12, 2011

if you have sheryl crow's arms, do not read this.

i just put on the first short sleeve t shirt in a while and these were
not the arms that i saw.

she does take guitar lessons from me, though.

i have enrolled in spring boot camp to try and make myself fit
and presentable.   the daily exercise and healthy diet hasn't  been
too hard.   well, if you think denying myself sugar while craving
it at all times, isn't too hard.

honestly, if scripture were sugar, i would have the entire bible
memorized.  i know His words "are sweeter than honey from
the comb," but I WANT SUGAR!!!!!!!  (psalm 19:10)

desperate times call for desperate measures, so here is my recipe
for a "mock chocolate milkshake."

-one frozen banana cut into small pieces
-1/2 cup milk
-1 T. chocolate syrup
-1 packet of equal (i wanted to put in 5 packets)

mix in a blender until it looks like a milk shake and drink it
really fast.  the cold headache authenticates the experience.

would you please give me your best pretend dessert recipe?

desperately seeking sugar,