Monday, April 27, 2020

To Linger

Dear Emily,

What does it mean to linger?  The dictionary says it is to be
slow to part.  I love that.  In this time of waiting out the 'walrus'
(our 2 1/2 year old grand daughter calls this the cowonawalrus,)
I find myself longing to linger near those I'm not allowed to be

When I say, "goodbye" to grandchildren that I can't hug or kiss,
that parting is full sorrow.

My hope is that soon this ole' walrus will burn off.  Until then I will
linger with the Lord and my husband and feast on whatever crumbs
the six feet distance from my grandbabies can afford.


"We have lingered for Thee eagerly"
Isaiah 26:8


Ronda Roush said...

OHHHHH how I love this!!! and YOU. And that you are back doing this. Just in time.

Cheryl said...

You’ve been gone too long ... Cheryl

Joan Elizabeth said...

I have just noticed that you have posted, would you believe I was lying in bed only this week thinking of you. We are doing OK here as we are in a part of Australia where the walrus is quite tame but who knows for how long. I do hope it is not too long before you can hug your loved ones again ... in the meanwhile here is a distant hug from me.