Friday, November 1, 2013

still the one

dear emily,

i spied hans driving to work as i finished my walk.
this is unusual, because  he usually leaves before i
even wake up.   i know, no "here's your scrambled
eggs and bacon, honey."

my justification?   i would rather he remember me
from the night before than the morning after.

anyway, he motioned me to his car.

"they're playing our song."

we have a song?   i leaned in to hear shania twain's
twangy, "still the one i run to, the only one i belong
to . . ."

for dang certain,

ps.   "love must be sincere.  hate what is evil; cling
to what is good."   romans 12:9


Dawn said...

What a beautiful love story.

My hubs and I have many love songs and we post them publicly to one another when one of us travels and on other occasions.

I love that you didn't even know you (or more accurately, he) had an "our song".

Farm Girl said...

How sweet and lovely. I like your song too.

Vee said...

Makes me grin!

Sandy said...

Sweet, romantic. I don't think my husband and I have a special song, but he's definitely still the one. said...

That about says it all, doesn't it? :)

Debbie said...

now that is soo sweet! I love it! and that song btw!

Cinnamon said...

Awww~ so sweet!

I like what you said about him remembering you from the night before ;-) True here as well.


Tamara said...

S.I.M.P.L.Y. W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.

Cindy said...

Aw, I love this. My husband and I celebrated 35 years in May and he is "still the one" for me too. :)

Liz said...

That is beautiful! As are the two of you!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ahhh how good is that.

Bree said...

so sweet!

Cheri Bunch said...


Warm fuzzies!

Thank you for sharing your happiness!


Cheri Bunch said...

I shared your link on my blog today. I hope that is okay. said...

this made me smile from ear to ear...those moments are precious and God just fills up our relationship tank...that is wonderful
I hope everyone is have been on my heart

Anita said...

That made you happy, didn't it? I know it did because you blogged to Emily about it. :)

May you and Hans be blessed with many more of these sweet moments.