Monday, December 21, 2009

wise women

dear emily,

i was thinking about the wise men who followed the star to the baby in
bethlehem.  it reminded me of all the wise women i have followed.

they left me signs as obvious as a star's light.  in their wake were happy
and confident children, satisfied and successful husbands, and many
grateful hearts. they were the first to bring a meal to a sick family, to
pray for a significant heartache, or to love on a small child.

these wise women taught me to follow the Lord by feasting on His word
and leaning into Him.  they led me in studies to understand Him better
and showed me many ways to worship Him.

they inspired me by their humble, persevering service to the younger
women and our children.  they invited me into their homes, fed me
delicious meals and encouraged me to respect my husband and raise
my children in a Godly home.

i watched them very carefully and followed along in their footsteps.
it's humbling and a little unsettling to think that there are young
women behind me now.

i have so much to learn still.

titus 2:4 says that "we are to train up the younger women to love their
husbands and children."

i better get busy,


Anci said...

Thanks for your comment !

Have a nice day


myletterstoemily said...

have a wonderful Christmas!

Kate said...

this blog is a good start :-)

myletterstoemily said...

thanks, sweetie!

Shawna said...

and it all comes full circle. I find so much comfort just watching you and listening to you talk about your family. God is that which we seek, but it IS wonderful to have guides along the way!

myletterstoemily said...

and YOU are an awesome mommy!