Saturday, December 19, 2009

sleep in heavenly peace

dear emily,

many years ago, a college friend and i were catching up on each others'
families.  she had two beautiful children to my motley crew of five and
a very different kind of life.

she said that her average day consisted of getting up at 6:00 to put on
her make-up in the morning.   make-up in the morning?  i was lucky
to WAKE up in the morning.

then she gathered up the dirty clothes, threw them over the upstairs
rail, awakened the kids, made breakfast, and flew out the door to take
the kids to school around 7:00.

i was astounded, confounded, dumfounded.

at the same time she was towing her children out the door, mine were
tumbling into the kitchen and onto my lap for a morning snuggle.   i
would have just started my devotions that never seemed to last longer
than 30 seconds.

one of my favorite things about home-schooling was that i never had to
awaken a baby to take an older sibling to school.  i never even had to
awaken the older sibling.  they slept as long as their little bodies needed.

isaac was usually the first to rise, and we frequently had math and
reading completed before the others were ready for their breakfast.
it was a totally unorthodox way to do things, but it worked for us.  that
is the goal, i think, to figure out what works for your family, not to try
to be like other families.

galatians 6:4 says "don't compare yourselves to others."  be your own
sweet family, which you do so brilliantly.


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myletterstoemily said...

i was just telling hans that i think
it is so interesting that my favorite
posts have received 0 comments.

for some reason, that makes me
smile. guess they're just for me!