Monday, November 2, 2009

little boys

dear emily,

don't you just adore little boys? there is something about their carefree, ornery zest for life that just slays me. i love that you let asa and phin get just as dirty as they need to play as hard as they should. nothing is more winsome than a dirt-smudged smile and an excited high-pitched voice saying, "mommy, look what i found for you!" it's also a little scary...a flower from your garden or a snake from the creek?
it is pretty adorable, too, how much they revere their daddies. my boys used to watch out the front window for hans to return home and then tackle him at the door. no matter how tired he was, he would throw them over his shoulder and hurl them onto the couch. this was the signal for 'chinese team!' the shrieks of laughter would increase and someone would inevitably get hurt, but what fun they had playing this mysterious game.

their natures are wired to hunt, gather, and protect. i'm not sure if 'chinese team' taught them much more than that they had to be a little tough to play and that their daddy loved them a lot. when isaac was three, he used to pretend to be samson between a column and the couch. he would close his eyes and say, "let me die with the philistines!", imagining that he was bringing the whole house down.

we don't know what the Lord has specifically planned for our sons, but we can prepare them for most anything by teaching them that He loves them even more than their daddies do and that He will equip them for any task. we can pray that they will be valiant and courageous, with hearts turned toward the Lord and wills bent to obey.

ezekiel 22:30
'i looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap...'


Anonymous said...

That's a great scripture that I don't remember coming across before--you are right about the winsome smiles...these beautiful fall days have us outside getting dirty, you're right. I love the "wills bent to obey". They'll be hearing that today from me, for sure. Thanks again.

myletterstoemily said...

one of my friends named her son john 'will', which i have always loved. it sounds so emphatically positive.

Hailey said...

hey sister soul sister, lemme see that flow sister said...

Love it....I can see my older three in this writing and then I am watching it again in my youngest...I so enjoy the boys...all my girl can stay right up there with them also
Having fun reading your past post!!!