Wednesday, March 20, 2013


dear emily,

this year i became a poetry reader after a lifetime of devouring books.

at first, i considered poems like the vegetables on my plate.    "eat your
vegetables first and get them over with."  i realized that my own words
would be richer if i read the condensed, perfectly chosen bites of great
poets.    i hoped that sweetly written phrases like, "oh good, old brown
earth" (browning) would soak into my dry, crumbly soil.

now, however, i inhale these poems, because they are as addicting as my
daughter's roasted broccoli with garlic, red pepper, and parmesan.    when
i savor a delicately seasoned refrain like, "twilight comes to the little farm,"
(carruth) it nourishes the hunger i didn't even know i had.

i pray that along with eating healthy doses of scripture,  my crusty shell
will become good, old brown earth, yielding its own crop of nourishment. 
of course, a lot of silly crops will grow there, too.    if i eat my vegetables,
i should get my dessert.


"the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field."  matthew 13:44


Vee said...

It is certainly true that much of scripture reads like poetry and is rich in language, metaphor, and simile and if God likes it so well, I can try, though, truth to tell, "Poetry...I too, dislike it." (Or certainly most of it!)

Sonja said...

Poetry was the same for me, but I'm warming up to it too. Music was always a sure thing and I understood it and am moved by it. Poetry has come along more slowly. I do like your inclusion of dessert along with the veggies!! :)

Farm Girl said...

Well said, I like poetry but not as much as I should. I like your analogy. There are some poets that do really get me. I think though my favorite is Ruth Graham. She maybe isn't considered a true poet but I like her.

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Amen on ending words. Benjamin and I have been reading poetry...not something I have done a lot of, however, children's poetry is also fun.
I was given a book of Ruth Graham's poetry and I am enjoying it..I posted two of her poems on my daughter's wedding day post

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Lea, would that be your just dessert?

Karen June Miller said...

I have always loved poetry and started writing it in 5th grade. I do understand where you are coming from. It was kind of like dragging my 13-year old son to a choral concert last night. He rolled his eyes through the more artsy, classical, and jazz pieces, and then brightened up when the high school football players took the stage with guitars and singing.

I was even listening to a food podcast this morning where a chef began writing poetry about food. It had great meaning.

I love your comparison to the Word. I think the Bible reads much like poetry. I even combine my regular version of the Bible with The Message to pick up the prose.

Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog. You are welcome to enter my Giveaway as well.

Smiles, Karen

Sassy Granny ... said...

Maybe those poems ARE the dessert? :) I can't help but think of David, who's poetic fervor bless my heart so often.

I'm still not an avid fan of metered poetry, but I love poetic thought & music.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh Lea now you are really talking my language . ... I've poetry loved poetry ever since I was a wee small thing reciting poems. Today I have dozens of anthologies on my bookshelf. Back when I first started blogging (6 years ago) I posted a poetry selection matching my image every day ... that had me reading lots and lots of it and renewing my love of it. I'm too busy to do that now but there is one thing about poetry ... it's great for busy people .because it's a very short short story. And its great for photographers because it's an image in words.

As others have observed there are some sections of the Bible which also sing to the poetry lovers heart.

By the way, a cashier in a bookshop told me recently that poetry books are flying off the shelves these day ... maybe everyone is busy.

Darcie said...

Funny that you should mention poetry, because just the other day I picked up a book at the library...all poems. I looked at it for a bit, and put it back. The strange thing is I wish I could write poetry, but never can get very far. MAYBE if I read some it would inspire me?

myletterstoemily said...

darcie: i can so see you writing beautiful poems.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Some poetry makes me think way too hard and I lose some of the joy of reading. Perhaps there will come a time when I can sit and think more :)

Rita said...

dear lea,
thank you for your visit. i so much enjoy your posts and did some catch up as it had been quite a while since my last visit.
wishing you a happy easter.

Auntie Cake said...

Hope spring is on its way to your home. Enjoy a blessed Easter with your family and loved ones, such a miraculous day!