Wednesday, January 25, 2012

i was fired by merry maids

dear emily,

i know.   embarrassing, but, please hear my side.

i was the young mother of five active kids.  my loving husband
had built me a house that was too big for me to handle.  

the meals and laundry weren't too bad.  i managed to get my kids
to their basketball practices, ballet recitals, and piano lessons and
enjoy some mcdonald's french fries on the way.   i was only
homeschooling two kids by then . . . but the house was killing

after a while, too long really, in desperation, i called merry maids,
who made my kitchen and bathrooms sparkle.  as the angels ladies
were limping out the door,  spraying some amazing scent out of  a
squirt bottle, i threw myself at the last one and grabbed her ankle,
crying, "please don't leave me here by myself!"

the next morning i had a notification in my mailbox saying the
merry maids would no longer be able to help me.

sheesh.   i felt like a desperate housewife.


"do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some people
have entertained angels . . . "  hebrews 13:2


Beansieleigh said...

LOL! Sounds something like MY house! I manage o.k. around here, with everything I always have on my plate, both duties and fun stuff admittedly; but I don't think I manage it all nearly as well as I probably could. I don't know. Maybe charts all over the house would help, but they're no fun!! (0; Cute post, and hope you're having a great day! ~tina

Vee said...

Really? Because I can't always tell when you're kidding. They just needed to send another maid. I thought that they'd tackle anything.

I have never even thought of what it would be like to have a big house full of children and be responsible for it all by myself. You needed Alice!

Blondie's Journal said...

This made me smile! We could all use a few, maids. Now that the children are grown, the messes seem larger! But I am not nearly as fussy. I have 2 girls that come twice a month to get all of those spaces I miss. And there are lots of them!


Meg said...

LOL! Oh no! They would probably tell me no, too. My house is such a disaster right now.

Terra said...

This is a funny picture, of you holding on to a maid and begging her to stay. Cute story on you.

Sonja said...

I see the picture in my head, you holding onto her ankle! :)

About once or twice a year, I have had them come in and clean from the floor to the ceiling, and when they are through, I don't even want my family to wash their hands in the sink or walk on the tile! And you KNOW how long that lasts!

Merry maids have made me merry, speaking of which... right now I could sure use them again!!

Jenners said...

But why??? Did they not say why?

Farm Girl said...

You are so funny, you know I never hired one because I knew I would kill myself getting ready for one to show up. I couldn't let someone see a dirty house. :)
I told my girls, I will get very angry if you ever kill yourself cleaning house before I get here. I don't care about your house.
I don't think they do it much. :)
They are very good housekeepers. Even when they are almost ready to have a new baby. :)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Recently my sister and sister in law were saying that you should put your glasses on when you clean because you don't see properly without them when you reach a certain age. I'm going to leave mine off and enjoy the bliss of my decline!

Debbie said...

OH NOO!!!..haha... I wonder why? That's pretty weird. I had a gal that came twice a month when my kids were all young and she WAS a wonder..(I still miss her) and she became such a part of the family that she would scold my kids right along with me. I can still here her saying (quite emphatically), "Joe, you come in here and get these things out from under this bed! Nina need to clean under there..." and trust me they all scurried to obey her much better than they did me in this area, haha. I have two new gals now who also come twice a month and they COMBINED don't touch this lady (good thing I am not nearly as picky anymore)...sigh. At least I knew how good I had it when I had her. Have a good day!

Single and Sane said...

Goodness...I hate to think what they'd say about my house right now! I'm thinking about leaving myself one of those notes...I blame the cats for not cleaning while I'm at work. ;-)

myletterstoemily said...

margaret: hee hee!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh thanks for the mind went back to those years of all those little ones at one time..the early days of home schooling....and the mess we all seemed to make..not counting the mess in the car from carrying them everywhere.

Too, too funny!!! You know what??? We did it and would do it all over again if we let the Lord fill our homes with grand kids and this time we won't care if they leave a mess.

Hugs...great post!!!

Felisol said...

My angels come every third week, I wish they would have come more often. Last time I was away visiting my mother they had washed all the windows. Imagine my joy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the laughter I know I should not call them!

Anita said...

That is very funny!

How does your house look now? Hmmmm...

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

You shouldn't feel to bad. You just had too much to handle. 5 kids is a lot, let alone home schooling and home making.

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Haa Haa...This makes me laugh! :)

Jen said...

Oh so funny! I know that full-plate life. It is so comforting to know someone else has been through it as well. I think Merry Maids would run screaming from our house right now if they were to get a peak of it. I know I want too. =)

Have a lovely weekend!

rondalahonda said...

Lea, I read this to some girls at coffee today and we were screaming! So funny.

Packrat said...

LOL Great post. I sure can understand this, and I didn't have 5 children. (still giggling) God Bless

Auntie Cake said...

Too funny! And they look so nice on their commercials! I used to have a cleaning service too and I so miss those days of a clean smelling house. I don't know how they did it, but my house never smells that clean anymore. Then again, maybe it's because I can't ever get my house as clean as they did!

Oh well, someday I will miss those muddy boot prints on my floors. And that ginormouse pile of shoes and boots by my front door. Not to mention that pile of cups in the sink!

Have a wonderful week!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

At least you called them; I've never had the nerve.

Auntie Cake said...

Your comment to me totally made me laugh!

And I seem to have the occasion to laugh at myself pretty much every day. I figure God is having a grand old time sending me those little moments where I can't possibly take myself too seriously. Today I said something totally lame in front of my 5th grade physical education class. The kids didn't catch it, but I did. I asked them, "Did I REALLY just say that?" That gave us all permission to laugh at me and we all laughed hysterically for at least a minute. Oh, sometimes I amaze myself at how lame I can be!!! (And we burned a ton of calories while laughing at me!)

Kate, who should be stick thin by now...

Southern Lady said...

Too funny! I have never called them in fear of what they would say about my house! Carla

Gloria said...

Oh my goodness....:) too funny! Ha!

My sister use to have a service come to clean her house at times. But hated that she would have to have everything picked up first for them to clean! She cleans it all by herself now!

Happy weekend to you!!


Debbie said...

I needed a good chuckle this morning and you provided it. :)

I used to have Merry Maids clean my parents' house. They do a great job and I love the smell after they leave but they are expensive. Having said that, I wish they would come to my house.