Sunday, January 22, 2012

i don't like to cook

my middle daughter and i are completely hooked on the show
'breaking bad.'  i know i should be ashamed because of the bad
language and adult situations, but the characters and plot are
just so good.

in the drama, walter, the high school chemistry teacher, discovers
he has a gift for 'cooking' which is a gift i do not have.  i'm a
terrible cook.  the aforementioned daughter thinks it's because i
just don't like to do it.

something else i don't like is to answer this question, "did you
cook this?"  it feels like a loaded one.   the implication being "did
you buy this and try to trick us into thinking you actually made it?"
or "if you cooked it, i would rather have a peanut butter sandwich,

i would prefer to be asked for the recipe.  if i didn't make it, i will
happily refer my guest to the caterer.  if i did make it,  it would
thrill the socks off me.

"you want my recipe?"


"i have food to eat that you know nothing about."  john 4:32


Felisol said...

We must be twin souls. My comfort is, that my daughter has developed into being an excellent cook,- after she left home.

I need bread everlasting, and will keep on searching for that.

Debbie said...

haha...loved this. perfect verse. Have a wonderful day!

Cinnamon said...

You paint a wild picture of you in the kitchen :-)

My husband says "Women cook because they have to. Men cook because they are hungry." :-)

Btw, he is an excellent cook. Me? I'm still learning.


Meg said...

Oh gosh, I hate that question too and I love to cook! Unless I hear "Mmm!" before hand, I get very wary about answering it.

Vee said...

That's in the Bible? Wow. I missed that one and it is a very fun one to think about. I don't like to cook either. I only pretend to like to cook on my blog. ☺

Vee said...

That's in the Bible? Wow. I missed that one and it is a very fun one to think about. I don't like to cook either. I only pretend to like to cook on my blog. ☺

Farm Girl said...

Oh Well, cooking and eating are highly overrated I think. I think I would be so rich if I didn't have to buy food, and how much time I would have if I didn't have to buy it, bring it in the house, put it away and then plan menus and cook and clean up after it. My family would be sad if I didn't cook. So I cook.
I remember when I was a kid my least favorite time next to bedtime was dinner. I always had to stop playing.
You do so many other things well, that I would think it would be okay. Not to mention you are cute so who cares. :)

Sonja said...

I don't either! Less now than ever before. Only at Christmas or a special occasion, then I go all out, for one day!

I love the scripture! :)

Sandy said...

I just started a recipe blog, The Bountiful Plate, and I don't like to
cook either. I only want a place to get mine and my mom's hundreds of recipes together. I cook for two reasons: I love my family and we all have to eat. That's it.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Never heard of that show...and I love to cook, that is when I can cook what I want, when someone else will do the dishes and I get to be creative. It is all about being creative for me. If it is just same old, same old..get something on the table, well forget it...I just as soon go out.

Jenners said...

I hope you're not "cooking" some of the stuff on the show or you're in big trouble! HAHA!

I don't like cooking at all and it shows. I wouldn't mind if was occasional but having to come up with multiple meals several times a day is difficult.

Tamara said...

Loved this post! And the verse was perfect! I'm a good cook, didn't have much choice in my family of women, but I did have to teach myself. I grew up with my Mom and Grandmom in the house, so I never had to cook. The best part of cooking is getting to be creative when adding spices, etc. I love to have a meal "outside" and then determine what's in it and go home and try to make it myself. Olive Garden's Zuppa's (soups) are some I do rather nicely. Not bragging, honestly, just saying... Obviously, I do NOT live by bread alone!

Single and Sane said...

Oh, that's funny. People do that to me, too. I don't cook very often, so when I do cook, it's not such a chore (except for the part where I can't remember if I still have the pan that fits that, or which drawer the thing-a-ma-jig is in). Yep, it's a pretty rare occurrence.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Well I don't think I've ever been asked that question probably because it is so obvious that it is home cooked! Occasionally I am asked for the recipe but not often so I guess that also says something about the state of my culinary excellence. I rather enjoy cooking but only if I have time, which means never during the week. My husband usually steps in most week days.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

I'm a relatively good cook. I don't do elaborate dishes. I have a few ones I make very well and I mostly stick to these.

Perhaps you could try perfecting 4 different dishes? Then you can say you're a marvellous cook, because whatever you cook, you do it well. :-)

myletterstoemily said...

anne: that is exactly what i plan to do!
thanks for the confirmation.

Rosie said...

Oh dear friend, you are ever so funny, a VERY gifted writer, a WONDERFUL mother, and such an inspiration for all who wander into your, sorry girlfriend, but it just wouldn't be fair if you could cook too :)
My dearest and I down loaded a couple of seasons of breaking bad and "blitzed" why we were in the middle no where, fishing last year. It was rather addicting ;D
Hugs Rosie

Lisa said...

I used to really like cooking when all my children were home. Now...not so much. I'd rather make the table beautiful and buy the food. I always ask myself,"Do I want to spend my time or spend my money?" LOL! Needless to say I don't want to spend my time slaving away over a hot stove! Not if i can help it anyway.:)

Steph said...

Are there really other women out there who don't love to cook? :) I thought I had missed out on a gene or something. I have trouble thinking of what to make. I do still want to be better at it, though, for those I love. I like Cinnamon's husband's quote. :) And find it to be true in my house.

Susy said...

Love the scripture you finished with ~ a perfect pairing.

Cinnamon said...

We, my little artist, song writer and signer Gracie,and I peeked over at You Tube to see your lovely dtr.

We love her songs. Now Gracie is making pizza dough and singing "and I'll be the reckless one" ... so cute!

We'd love any links to anything in particular that she is doing.

Thanks for keeping us updated on your beautiful dtr.


Packrat said...

Amen. Actually, I *can* cook and usually do, but I don't like to.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I don't cook either! It's not that I don't want to, it's just that there are so many things I prefer to do rather than cook! Patsy from