Wednesday, June 9, 2010

sunday lane is at # 10!!!!!

thanks to all my sweet friends who have persevered through
the horrible, arduous voting process!

emily, you have been such an angel!!!

she's #10!!!!!

"but let all who take refuge in You be glad!!!"
psalm 5:11


ps.  if anyone else wants to jump in, click on the link in the
previous post,  go to 'judge', click on 'head to head', vote
for every band as the 'same', but "sunday lane" as 'by far
the best'.  if your conscience smites you, just listen to the
other bands.

she's 'by far the best.'  :)

at some point you will have to register your name and a


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh...this is great. I voted yesterday but I almost gave up. :( I'm sooo computer stupid that I had to call out for my husby to "ep me"! :)

Soooo exciting!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lea! Lets cross our fingers that she doesn't move down anymore, but moves up!!

Sonja said...

YAY... I did it!! I voted, I'm so proud of myself!

and btw... Sunday's song is head and shoulders the best... I did the comp 15 second listen... not even close! GO SUNDAY!!!

Isaac said...

that's awesome, sonja,emily, and
rebecca. thanks sooooo much. i know
it takes forever.

i can't tell you how grateful i am to all
of you!

Isaac said...

ha ha! i didn't know i was writing from my
son's computer.

this is really lea.

Silver Strands said...

WOW! Wonderful!!! Let's keep her moving up :)

Jenners said...

So cool!! And thanks for the instructions again. I understand them better now so maybe I can pull this off.

Southern Lady said...

Hey, I went over to try to vote, but could not find her song. Help! Carla

Single and Sane said...

I followed your instructions but got kicked out of judging after the first 5 blocks. I did go and listen to Sunday's whole song though (instead of the 15 seconds I gave to the others) and I loved it!

I'm so excited that she's up to #10! I'll try it again...


Anonymous said...

9! This should let you go to bed in good spirits! And maybe wake up in an even better mood!

Anonymous said...

Or...maybe you can go to bed happy and disappointed?! She is 11 now.

Cinnamon said...

Yes I tried too but then it asked me to register and I did but then i couldn't get back to where I was. She has a beautiful voice. You must be overjoyed to hear your dtr singing so beautifully~


My name is PJ. said...

Go Sunday! Go Sunday! Woot Woot!!!

Anonymous said...

Back to 9!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh, I am not surprised, when I went to the link and listened to her music, it was wonderful. I voted too, and it was fun to visit there, I had no idea.

Wishing your daughter every success in this contest and the release of her new single.


Vee said...

All the best to Sunday Lane! I'm certain that what will be will be.

Sunday said...

Hey everyone,
Thanks again for voting! My mom is completely right in deeming this an arduous process. I appreciate you all taking time out of your day to vote for my song. This would be such an awesome opportunity for my band and me. Keep voting and hopefully I'll keep going up!


Sunday Lane

Anonymous said...

8! When does the contest end??

Sunday said...

the first phase ends in 13 days.
we're not sure what happens after

if she stays in the top ten, she
has a good chance to be selected
to open for "hanson", which would
be a dream come true.

thanks for all your support.

Anonymous said...

So like the 23rd? Also can you close an account on the website??
p.s. Lea was that you writing on Sunday's computer??

myletterstoemily said...

yeah, i think the 23rd.

don't know about opening and closing
web sites. i'm not very computer
literate. sorry.

i think i was writing from sunday's
site before. we are passing computers
around like crazy here. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Must be with your kids?!!

Desde my ventana said...

Thanks you for visiting and leave your comment,
Hugs from Spain

Rosie said...

Well done. When do they select the winner??? Can't wait...please ask her to "Remember the little people", when she's "Rich and Famous" on Rosie