Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tag: you're it!

whenever i return from visiting our son max, i am always blue, so i am
grateful to rita for cheering me up with a generous honor.  rita is a sweet
italian lady, who works as a personal assistant to a c. e. o. but dreams
of owning a 'petit french salon'.

i am amazed at the treasures she finds at flea markets.  if i am ever
coerced (bribed) to go to one, i only see other people's old stuff.  she,
however discovers antique silver tea spoons and fine china tea cups.

now, to my defense, she lives in italy, and i live in . . . can't tell you
that, but it ain't italy!

there are rules involved in this tagging scheme:  i am supposed to tell
you ten things about me and then tag ten other blogs that i enjoy.  it
would short circuit my synapses to think of ten remotely interesting
details of my life.

in fact, i wouldn't inflict that on my worst enemy, but i wish i had
thought of it when raising my teenagers.  imagine the effectiveness
of this threat:  "if you are not home by midnight, i am going to sit
you down and tell you TEN things about me!"

here are ten of my favorite blogs in alphabetical order.  (that could be
a scintillating fact, "i can alphabetize.")   i did not include personal
family blogs that might not want the outside attention.

a cottage in the woods

a haven for vee

a scrapbook of inspiration

beth priest

bits and pieces

burnbrae journal

count it all joy

heavenly humor

hospitable pursuits

single and sane

the backs of my eyelids

ha ha!  interesting fact #2:  "i can't count, that's eleven blogs!"

if you have been tagged, you are completely released from following
ANY of the tagging rules.  i checked with the king and queen of

"abraham believed God, and God counted it as righteousness."
romans 4:3



Vee said...

You've told us that you're a big cheater! Yes! You and I probably couldn't follow the rules if we were paid. I actually like memes because, on those rare days when I can't think of anything to say, they come in handy. Now, I really would've like to know ten things about you. Won't you please reconsider. What's your favorite color? What do you read when you want to veg? What color looks best on you? What's your decorating style? What was the best thing about your day so far? You know, it's easy. ;>

Vee said...

sometimes I may grammatical sense..."would've liked..." Won't you please reconsider? If there are more, don't tell me. I'd have to throw myself off the cliff.

Vee said...

sometimes I don't... can you tell I'm hurrying? Ha!

Sandra said...

I enjoyed this post and am enjoying visiting some of your favorite blogs. Your blog is always a restful visit and I am grateful.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Thank you for tagging me. I just love your writing, you are so clever. I am going to visit some of these that I haven't been to before. As far as Vee is concerned, she is a real favorite of mine.

Sonja said...

well let me be one of the first to say, that I feel the same about your blog! I always visit you and look forward to each posting. It's a unique fellowship, and Lea is one of my favorites!

Beth Priest said...

Thanks very much for the honor and mention ; )! I feel the same way about coming up with things about myself! haha. You are very witty and fun to read about!

myletterstoemily said...


alexander mccall smith
country french
lunch with my daughter hailey


Desde my Ventana said...

Congratulations Emily,well-deserved


Darcie said...

Thanks for leaving us with some great blogs to explore!

Simoney said...

Hey Lea, I like that you don't follow the tagging rules. I'm a non-conformist in this area too... hopeless!! But all the same I'm sure that there are WAAAAAY more than 10 interesting things about you... I mean, heck, look how interesting you made those very basic facts about you? You can't count. You alphabetise. Darn, that is soooo interesting!

Single and Sane said...

Thank heaven for Vee giving us some ideas because I can't think of 10 things to say about myself either! It's going to take me awhile to reciprocate on this one!

Vicki said...

Been away moving but thought I'd take a peek here...Love all your posts and laughed at the tagging business....

Have a great week

Rosie said...

you are such a delight...with one who writes so very well, I'm sure there are scores of interesting facts that would have our rapt attention...I'm with Vee on this one. We need to be appeased, placated, soothed...meet us half way {you have admitted that counting isn't your strong suit so that would be 6}...even if perhaps we don't win this one, I shall still follow this "blessed blog"...smile on Rosie

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i am real life friends with beth priest and i love her and her blog too! : )

Joan Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the mention. I of course love your blog. Torquoise .. my favourite colour too.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out,Lea!

Jenny said...

I'm glad you got this little distraction!

Debbie said...

I think I may need to get to know you. If you're a friend of Sonja's, then you're a friend of mine. :) Isn't she so special?

I love your point about being home by midnight. My dad used to give me a dime to put in my shoe when I went on a date. If things weren't working out, he always wanted me to be able to contact him so he could come and get me. I know I'm dating myself but that was before cell phones and it only cost a dime to call home.

I think I would have always been home on time if ...10 things was used. Ha, ha.

So nice to "meet you".


Housewife Bliss said...

you have such a grand sense of humour, I love the teenager parenting tip -- I may have to use that one when mine are at that stage, can you imagine how bored they would be....

Loved learning these things about you.

Anonymous said...

Where were you when I was raising my kids? Your "if you are not home by midnight, i am going to sit
you down and tell you TEN things about me!" would have worked wonders. :)
Congrats on your award, and thank you for thinking of me. I also LOVE turquoise (blogged about it today in fact) and country french. Lunch with a daughter is rare, but very special indeed.
Happy day to you and yours, Lea!

Terra said...

Oh dear, now I will visit a few of your favorites that you list here. Thanks for your comment on my blog about the hedgehogs, just thinking about these cute animals makes me smile. They remind me of Beatrix Potter stories.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

All wonderful blogs--I recocognize quite a few that i love too!


prashant said...

Your blog is always a restful visit and I am grateful.
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