Thursday, December 24, 2009

roller coaster Christmas

dear emily,

man, can you believe this roller coaster Christmas ride?  we  spent the
day baking, decorating Christmas cookies,  last minute shopping,
wrapping, and fussing up the house in anticipation of  dinner guests...
a lovely family of 25!

i could not have imagined a more delightful evening.  babies crawling
everywhere, toddlers rolling cars under tables, over tables, around
tables, a pretty little princess decorating a gingerbread house, loud
voices, raucous laughter, "white Christmas" playing in the back
ground, and then spontaneous singing of 'sisters, sisters.'

we ordered smoked brisket, turkey, and ribs, but somehow we
received barbecued BOLOGNA! yuck.  i overheard a sweet little
voice ask, "mommy, is this chicken fish?"

an adorable two year old asked me for a cookie, and being afraid
it was too big, i tore off a portion of shelby's browned butter,
caramel chocolate chip cookie.  he looked at it sadly and said, "that
is not a cookie..."  he promptly received the biggest cookie i could
find with a satisfied smile and, "that is a cookie!"

the same little guy deadbolted himself in our guest bathroom.  you
should have heard his uncle trying to explain to him how to unlock the
dead bolt.  why is the 'undoing' of a thing so hard?

later i found the cookie monster/deadbolt boy turning our globe around
and around, saying under his breath, "" he's
bound for the mission field...look out africa!

the young parents took their babies home to bed, but the teenaged
siblings stayed much longer, playing games and retelling funny old
stories like, "remember the time when you were two and you got left in
the gas station on a car trip?  your parents didn't notice for an hour!"
which completely spiraled out of control into every 'bad' parent story i went to bed.


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for diana, the best grandma ever...