Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mary's treasure

dear emily,

when looking to older, wiser mothers, we shouldn't neglect the most
famous one of all time.   how young she was and how overwhelming it
must have been to be the mother of the 'anointed One'!  can you imagine
saying, "no" to Jesus?  i'm afraid we do it all the time.

every time i read, "and mary treasured up all these things and pondered
them in her heart," my own heart is pierced.  how many treasures am i
tripping over and how many worthless things am i worshipping?

a vital key to becoming an anointed mother is pondering the Pearl of
great price and letting everything else diminish in its value before Him.
if we prize Him above all else, then He has been extended a request  to
flood our lives and loves with His spring of everlasting water.

psalm 112: 1, 2 says that if we delight in following His commands, then
our children will be mighty in the land.  what mother doesn't want her
children to have great success?  i think the crucial word in the verse is
'delight'.  to delight in something i must have invested my heart
and soul in it.

just like mary did.



Annnamae said...


Annnamae said...

what a sweet reminder that our children are all treasures and we should love and care for them as Mary did Jesus. The life of God is in all of us even our little ones probably more so. We must delight in our children and invest our heart and soul in there sweet lives. Time passes to fast. My children are all out of the nest but the Lord keeps giving me continual times of investment into them which I am most grateful.

myletterstoemily said...

your kids have the greatest mom in the world!!!!

Beth said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I've been looking around yours and enjoying and soaking up all the little jewels of wisdom!

Brenda said...

very timely.
thanks for the boost!