Thursday, November 7, 2013

tag, you're it!

dear emily,

it's been fun reconnecting with old highschool and college friends on
facebook.    no matter how much time has passed, we have an instant
rebonding that boggles my brain and delights my heart.  

it is not delightful, however, when people 'tag' me in photos.   my page
is smothered with odious pictures that i did NOT choose or want.    it
reminds me of my least favorite childhood game, 'tag.'   i would die a
thousand deaths once tagged, because i was never fast enough to tag
anyone else.   in my case, once tagged forever 'it.'

right now i have a photo, front and center, of my jiggly, fat arms.    i
haven't removed it, because i didn't want to hurt the person's feelings
who tagged me.   wow.   i just reread that and realize that i may need
counseling.    wait, just a sec . . .  ok,  i just untagged myself and feel
so much better.

now, there are still unflattering pics of my aging face but i'm resigned
to that.   when friends from my distant past first visit my facebook page,
they all say the same thing.

"look at your sweet face."  sweet is the new 'old.'


"but people do not pour new wine into old wineskins . . . " mark 2:22


Steve Finnell said...


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Anita said...

Dare I laugh at your descriptions of yourself? :) No fat jiggly arms on my tagged pics, but once I was SOOO tired looking in a picture taken late at night. At the time, I was new on fb and didn't know how to delete it. Only one comment on it... a sure sign of how bad it was.

Have fun reconnecting!

Vee said...

Oh that sounds rotten and mean. Another reason why I don't do FB.

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm proud of you for untagging yourself!
Isn't there a setting that requires people to ask before they tag you?

Sandy said...

Everyone is trying to get me to get on FB and I have resisted. Now that my son is in New Zealand for a year he wants me to so I can see all the pictures he puts up. I know I would not like to be tagged and see unflattering pictures of myself but for my baby I guess I will join soon.
Thanks for the laughs, dear Lea!

Debbie said... have just mentioned one of my pet peeves about facebook as well. I only post CAREFULLY cropped and doctored photos of myself, so other's tagging me just doesn't work. I always un-tag them! Enjoy your week-end!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oooh your reference to the sweet face reminded me that recently a neighbour said what a lovely face I have. I knew it ... people so often say that about overweight people ... I am now officially fat.

Emily said...

I just don't know what people think sometimes. Would they want every picture ever taken of them posted online? Gretchen is right, there is a setting that allows you to approve photos before they go "live".

Bree said...

Hahaha! No counseling needed! ;) I feel the same about those "tagged" pictures! Lea, thank you for your sweet words-they always bless me. I have to humbly smile...the next day after my last post the Lord began testing me on what I'd written. I'm learning "letting go and letting God" is so hard when it comes to parenting. :) My heart will rejoice though for He is faithful. Praying you have a blessed and joyful week and all is well with your family.
With love!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

too funny...I don't do FB, but I am sure my children have posted enough unflattering photos of me to send me in for counseling!
You sweet heart are beautiful and they are referring to your heart, not your age when they say "sweet".

Farm Girl said...

Aw well Lea, I just die when I see my fat flabby arms, whom I may add are starting to look like my grandmas. :)
Really, I think that is why the Lord says He looks at the heart. I think of that when I scare myself in the mirror.
Face Book well, I am there but only to see and laugh at what my kids post. They are always posting things for me to see so that is why I stay.
Have fun reconnoitering.

Colleen said...

This made me smile! Nothing on earth is as fast as this girl untagging herself in a fb photo!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hi Lea, the image link is true!! I did not know about them until a few years ago but several of my blog friends who have experienced floods in the past couple of years have reported these. They are Wolf Spiders which live in the ground by the millions is seems -- we are usually unaware of them. When the floods come they climb up blades of grass and spin metres of silk in the hopes of catching a breeze that will carry them to safety. The first time I came across this one of my blog friends reported them flying thru the air on such a breeze. Then others reported them on an ground like the shot the link shows. I've never seen it myself.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh Lea, I can barely remember where I went to high school much less with whom. I don't like when folks put up unflattering photos of me without asking. I mean, there aren't that many photos of me I do like but the unflattering way! I don't know how to untag...must learn.