Tuesday, October 9, 2012

dear emily,

how does one describe the beauty of the birthplace of the renaissance?
with better words than mine.   "i saw the angel in the marble and then
carved until i set him free." (michelangelo)

google image

florence, italy is filled with angelic countenances and splendour.   one of our
tour guides said that 90% of the world's greatest art is here.  "paris and
berlin have a few nice pieces, but they are such young cities."  :)

we stayed in a villa that overlooked the city and lovely vineyards:

the roman wall begun in 12 bc

our purpose was to visit the palazzo pitti museum's showing of our
own gilcrease museum's art collection.   it was a shining moment to
be in such glorious  company.

google image

the boboli gardens behind the palace were breathtaking, but this guy
was a little scary:

you better watch out, you better not cry . . . 

i was too overwhelmed by the beauty of the gardens to capture it and
to put that in perspective, i spied this tiny garden on the other side of a
WALL.   it wasn't even mentioned on the tour.   my secret garden.

lea's garden (hee hee)

next time, london!


"He has made everything beautiful in its time."  ecclesiastes 3:11


Susy said...

I'm just catching up with your adventure ~ how exciting. My husband's family comes from Lucca, which is not far from Florence. Such beautiful images ~ would love to see more.

Meg said...

What a gorgeous trip! Ben and I hope to visit Europe one of these days.

Vee said...

Oh such intriguing photos. A secret garden all for yourself...it doesn't get much better except that you share it. That dude really was scary! Wonder who set him free?

Patrina's Pencil said...

I am fond of the 'secret' garden...of course it wasn't listed on the tour. It was for your eyes only!Those who have eyes to see ...will see His hidden treasures.

blessings to you, Lea
patrina <")>><

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh Lea...how lovely and bless you for sharing. Such posts remind me of how much I miss Dave; he and I traveled so well together. We loved Florence and vowed to return one day.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Oh, how I love Florence! Can't wait to hear what you say about London!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Oh how beautiful..thanks for sharing. Looks like an awesome trip

Hook 'em Horns!!!

Cinnamon said...

Oh that was truly beautiful! I love your secret garden. Perfectly delightful and how fun that you noticed it :-)

Yes, that guy looked a bit...wilted :-/

Thank you for sharing. Makes me want to go even more now :-)


Happy Homemaker UK said...

I lived in Florence a long time ago - it is such a beautiful city - it just oozes its own personality of old and lasting beauty. Now you are dashing off to my part of the world - London - can't wait to see what you see :) XOLaura

Jen said...

It looks like you have had quite the adventure! What a gorgeous place! A secret garden would be such a treat!

Sonja said...

What a great trip! Your secret garden drew me right in, love that. The view over the vineyards... beautiful! We even have a tiny vineyard in Rockwall, a family has patterened it after their family vineyard in Italy.

This was such a great adventure. I'm enjoying it through your pics and descriptions.

Just Be Real said...

Lovely, and thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Libby said...

I just caught up with you on your trip and what a beautiful spot to join in. My oh my, what scenery! And that little garden. Takes one's breath away. I can't wait to continue the trip. Thanks for taking us along.

Dawn González said...

Pack me in your suitcase? Pleease?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love the one time we visited Italy ... crumbling aged buildings ... such patina.

Jenny said...

What beautiful writing.

I am drawn to your secret garden.

The contrast of new life against history is especially poignant.

BillandCristin said...

Michelangelo's quote gave me goosebumps and then made me cry! Incredible. And I love finds like "Lea's Garden" - looks dreamy!

BillandCristin said...

Michelangelo's quote gave me goosebumps and then made me cry! Incredible. And I love finds like "Lea's Garden" - looks dreamy!

Catherine said...

Michelangelo's saying is beautiful.
Thank you for sharing your trip to Italy. Beautiful. Blessings, Catherine

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Florence is indeed beautiful! I would love to go back. I went there when I was in my 20s and I was with my mom who is not so adventurous. We stayed with the tour group and weren't able to explore the unbtouristy tracks! Still, it was great and I enjoyed myself immensely! inspite of not having a digital camera then (not yet invented!)! Patsy from

Hailey said...

Did you know Michelangelo's dad wouldn't let him paint, sculpt, or do anything artistically when he was a boy so he just stared at the piece of marble for 3 months carving it in his mind first?