Friday, September 7, 2012

dear emily,

i have not written a single word here in weeks (i have been writing
many at another place), but three of my blog friends inspired me
today to just DO it.

sonja scolded me into it by saying, "my time was up."    then i read
her review of elaine's new book, which was convicting and uplifting.
after that i sneaked over to janette's blog and marveled at her amazing
home school day.    she accomplished more on a 'bad' day than i ever
did on my 'best' day!   sheesh.

i don't know how these incredible ladies continue to encourage and
motivate me, but i am grateful.

"go to the ant, o sluggard;  consider her ways, and be wise.   without
any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers
her food in harvest."  proverbs 6:6-8

thank you, dear ants.



Meg said...

Hehe. I like how you got "scolded" into a blog post. It is funny how others can get us motivated, without even trying!

Debbie said...

haha...Just read both of these gals blogs too, and you are soo right. Inspiring is the best word to describe it. Welcome back. ; )

Jen said...

Welcome back! Aren't friends the dearest when it comes to encouragement? I LOVE that verse. It has been an encouragement in my weight-loss battle as laziness had really been a source of my issues. A gentle reminder was just what I needed as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Anita said...

As Emily reads this years from now, she'll know that her mom is "normal," and that we all need to be like the ant from time to time. :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Very nice to see you blogging again, Lea. You've been missed.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Well I had you on my "to-do-list" ..that meant to send you a funny card...I know it takes a lot to make you laugh, but maybe I could have gotten a giggle out of you. Then I she is up in Colorado enjoying the cool weather, while us Texas girls are burning up

Glad to see you you dear one...and no I don't accomplish more...LOL

Sonja said...

Yahooo! Whatever it takes, I'm just happy to have you back!! :)

I've thought of you a zillion times this summer, like Janette said, we were burning up in Texas while you were loving Colorado.

You've been missed mightily my friend. I need a dose of your wit and wisdom...

Blondie's Journal said...

There is so much inspiration out there if we look! I'm glad to have you back, Lea! Hope you have been having a wonderful summer!


Darcie said...

Always glad when one of my favorite bloggers takes time to post! I know I don't have the time like I use too, but I still love to express through my blog..when I can. Hope you had a lovely summer!

Vee said...

Good to find you here and very glad I am that the gals prodded you a bit. Hope that we'll see you more often. You might show us some of what you were up to this summer, you know, if you are so inclined.

Farm Girl said...

You are just so cute. I am glad you have enjoyed your break. Well if Sonja said anything to me like that I would not be able to not blog either. :)
Well both of them are such wonderful ladies they are worth reading all of the time.
Glad you wrote anyway.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Doesn't matter how often you post, I always love it when you do.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Always so good to hear from you--just let us hear from you when you can. Your words are always so rich and inspiring!

Single and Sane said...

It's good to see you back, if only for a moment!


Anne @ confidence blog said...

Glad to see you back here, Lea. It's great to have you on the ball, blogging once more. I wondered what had become of you and figured you were still on your holidays.

What are you writing? Are you composing a book, poetry?

Susan B said...

Hi Lea,
So glad to see you back!! One of the wonderful things about blogging is being inspired by all the lovely friends we make! You are one of those people. Take care, and write when you can. :)

Cinnamon said...

Well did I miss where you have been writing at besides here?

I checked out Janette's blog post about the Reluctant Teacher. Thank you for sharing it. Life does happen and we can choose to embrace it joyfully or run and hide.

Enjoy your time away and your time back :-)

p.s. any updates on that talented dtr of yours?