Thursday, May 17, 2012

i was watching an episode of . . . (not telling.)  the young people were in
trouble with their landlord for hiding the fourth roomie, and  it reminded
me of an episode from my own life.

my husband and i had been married for a few years when our firstborn was
. . . born.   a few months after that, the husband enrolled in harvard's
program for management development, the PMD.  not to be confused with
the MD.

it was an intense 12 week abbreviated business program that did not allow
spouses.   period.   we didn't think he could afford to attend the usual two
year business  school, and we were confident we could do anything for 12
weasley weeks.

so, off he went to boston.    and here baby isaac and i stayed . . . until we
were all too miserable to be apart from each other.

(enter fairy godmother)

mr. PMD saw a magical notice for the subleasing of a carriage house on a
gorgeous estate in concord (not too far from harvard.)   he rented it, settled
us in it, and it was lovely.   mr. PMD was able to sneak off campus every
friday night until sunday morning.   we had lots of fun.

(enter rumpelstiltskin)

one day a terrible/horrible man appeared at my door and asked, "WHO are

apparently our fairy godmother was subletting the carriage house without
the owner's permission.   lucky for poor me, i was able to persuade old mr.
rumpelstiltskin into letting us stay for one more month.   just long enough
for my smart mr. PMD to graduate.

at the graduation, a couple of his classmates patted me on the back, because
everyone knew mr. PMD was sneaking off campus every weekend.  they
never imagined it was to see his wife and baby.

what in the world were they thinking?

the end.

i mean, the beginning.


Maryann said...

This reminded me of the time my then boyfriend (now husband)snuck off base and drove 45 minutes on his motorcycle to see me(he had mandatory study hours)He thought he was in the clear when he got back to school because it had closed down due to a bad storm that had knocked the power out...thing was the storm had also destroyed all the motorcycles parked in the lot...big question the next how was it your motorcycle didn't get damaged?? Makes me smile when I think of it.

Libby said...

What a story! I guess we all have a hiding story about something - they just can't all be told out loud. Thanks for sharing yours.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

fun story...just shows what a creative woman will do to see the love of her life...and a new born see his daddy

Vee said...

Fun story. Reminds me of one I know of a young nurse who was married in the 40s when nursing students had to be unmarried. They had a lovely two-year adventure and were never caught. I think we may be fans of the same show except that, I'm so depressed by that pink smoke, I may have to give it up.

Sonja said...

Where there's a will, there's a way. Good for Hans and good for you. Kept you all together at such an important time, and it makes for a great story to tell the kids and grandkids.

I wonder what happened to Mr.Rumpelstiltskin?

Seriously! Am I going to have to come up there and moniter your tv viewing?? (Not sure which show this is, but probably on the par with some that I sneak a peek at occasionally)

Blondie's Journal said...

I'm so glad your story had a happy ending! That's a real fairytale!


myletterstoemily said...

don't worry, sonja, it's not too bad . . . really. :)

Farm Girl said...

Oh Lea, what a very sweet story. I am so glad you got to stay. I am sure it is a very nice thing to look back on and remember.

Tamara Swerline said...

What a wonderful memory for the beginning of your life together!

Single and Sane said...

What a fun story and I'm sure it gave mr. PMD lots of encouragement in his studies to have you and Isaac so close, even if he was only to escape on the weekends. I wonder if the classmates who patted you on the back know how y'all turned out...

Cheryl said...

Your story reminded me of the time two girl friends and two guy friends went to Las Vegas together. We were tossed out of the Yucca Motel because there were five of us when only two of us checked in. Boy, were we dumb!
Cute story to tell Emily.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Do they have crazy 'rules' like that in places these days? When I went to uni I lived in a girls hostel that locked the doors at 10pm. (11.30 on Sat night).

Debbie said...

Oh I almost missed this...and what a story to miss, haha. I LOVE it...Just goes to show there is always a way. And now you have got this great story to tell to your grand kids. Have a lovely week-end! HUGS

Susy said...

Well, if you're going to have an adventure, it may as well be in a carriage house. A delightful story, and probably much better than the one on TV.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Well, sometimes you have to be a little creative when you're in love. What great memories you created back then....

Anonymous said...

What a great story...I really enjoyed this post. Nice to hear from you and I wish you a very nice weekend. Mildred

Gloria said...

Very sweet story! It made me think of the book, "Joy in the Morning". I don't remember who wrote it?? I read it when I was a newlywed...many, many years ago.

I bet those were some exciting family moments spent! Treasuring every minute together. How a family should always be together. But a joy that is easy to take for granted when you have it all the time.

Thanks for your visit today!! :)

Happy weekend to you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a sweet story... Who else would your hubby be sneaking off to see?????? ha

That was neat that you could be near him during his studies... I'm sure that those weekends together were awesome...

Thanks for sharing this cute story... We all have stories to tell, don't we?

Have a good weekend.

Rachel said...

Definitely a sweet story for the grandkids - love it!

Cinnamon said...

That is too funny! Reminds me of that tv show 3's company :-)

How funny to look back at the things we did when we were young and in love. Even funnier that we still do silly things now that we're "wiser" and in love :-)


Pamela said...

A magical story. The idea of staying in a carriage house just makes me smile. I think you could write a novel around the thought. Twelve weeks is a long time to go without seeing your love.

momto8blog said...

oh my seems unbelievable spouses would ever be separated ...that doesn't make any sense?
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Champagne Macarons said...

A beautiful story to tell your children and grandchildren. It shows what a true love will do.
Wishing you a most lovely week! xoxo, B

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

I bet I knew what they were thinking! This is such a touching story.

When my husband and I met we were living in different countries. After he returned to his, we spent the next 3 months spending every penny of our earnings in phone calls.

Stupid, I know, but it was worth it!

June said...

Great story Lea! I am glad mr. grouchypants let you stay to enjoy your weekend trysts with your honey:)

sending hugs...

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

How funny you made this story, complete with Rumpelstiltskin! So that's where he is today! Patsy from

Liz Sarno said...

Haha! what a great story! I love it!

Liz Sarno said...

Haha! what a great story! I love it!