Friday, April 6, 2012

resolute: admirably purposeful, determined, unwavering

dear emily,

good friday is a tough thing to say.   my heart wants to change it to
black friday or sad friday.   my mind has to remind it every year that
we are not rejoicing over our Lord's suffering but giving Him its value.

it was good that the Lamb lay His life down for us.    He was "the
Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." (rev. 13:8)  i just can
not wrap my head around that.   from the beginning?  a sacrifice that
spans time or creation?

before He created the light, separated the waters, made the animals,
vegetation, adam, and eve, " God saw that it was good."  before
that He knew that His Son would be slain for His creation?

He was resolved to die.   i  am resolved to try and understand . . . but
when i still can't, i am resolved to be eternally grateful.

and He is risen and coming again,


Lisa said...


Debbie said...

I too have been trying to wrap my head around all that it means. It is so overwhelming in many ways. How much we have to be grateful for. Have a wonsderfully blessed, joyous Easter! HUGS

Farm Girl said...

Today my grandson who is 5 came in the house to tell me that today is Bad Friday, because Jesus got killed on Bad Friday.
I have never thought they should call it good either.

Susy said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to comprehend "this side of Heaven" what He did for us on the cross. But I'm so grateful that He did. Easter blessings xo

Vee said...

I heard a pastor say that our sin kept Him on the cross. I thought the pastor got what really kept him there wrong. Christ's love for us kept Him on the cross. And you're so right. It is mind blowing.

Cinnamon said...

Yes! You put it so well. Eternally grateful. I like that!


Auntie Cake said...

Hi Lea,
I just stopped by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. At our Good Friday service tonight, our pastor talked a bit on the same thing, calling Good Friday, Good Friday. He told us his daughter-in-law calls it Frowny Friday, so that has been stuck in my head all night.

Have a wonderful Easter. He IS risen!

Felisol said...

In Norway the day is called Long Friday.
To Christ it must have been the longest day impossible to imagine.
My grandmother used to dress in black that day. Her 9 children were ordered to make but little noise on Long Friday. One day a year they needed to remember what sacrifices Christ brought.
Today is Easter Sunday and we celebrate his victory once and for all.
He is risen.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Resolute ... that word.

Easter is a wonderous mystery, one that i have been pondering all weekend.

Sassy Granny ... said...

I saw somone post on Facebook this week: "It's not just Good Friday. It's the Best Friday." It's sometimes hard to reconcile that, isn't it? Even so, we are beneficiary of so great a gift.

A blessed Easter,

Janette@Janette's Sage said... was hard to explain to Benjamin that it is called Good hard to get our minds around

Happy Resurrection Day!!

Dawn @ Dawnings said...

I'm catching up on some of my favorite blog reads, and I'm so glad I read this...even if it's 8 days late. You bless me.