Saturday, April 21, 2012

dear emily,

do you remember the hilarious movie, lost in america, with albert brooks and
julie hagerty?   it's about the downward spiral of a yuppie couple who sells
everything to take an adventure in an RV.   brooks is dumbfounded to realize
his wife is a compulsive gambler and has, in fact, lost all their money (the
nest egg) in a casino.  

he tells her that she is no longer allowed to even say the phrase, "nest egg."

google image

my husband adores this movie and frequently quotes the funniest lines.   he
has even coined his own for me.   last summer oklahoma endured the longest
string of unbearably hot days in the nation's history.   i only know this
through other people's accounts, because i was in colorado the entire time.

so, i am not allowed to say, "man, did we ever have a hot summer!"  i can't
even say, 'hot' or 'summer' in the same paragraph, which is a small price to
pay, really, for a summer in colorado.  

i hope this summer isn't as hot as last summer (don't tell him i said that.)


"my brothers are as undependable as streams . . . that cease to flow in the
dry season, and in the HEAT vanish from their channels."  job 6:15-17


Farm Girl said...

Really??? You were not there for one single bit? Well good for you. I hope it isn't hot either. We have already had our first over 90 degree days, I am hoping we don't have a repeat of last summer either. :)
I know weather in Colorado is beautiful though. :)

Darcie said...

Last summer was a HOT one...even here! Glad you escaped to the beautiful state of CO..hoping we don't get a repeat this year. ;-)

Sonja said...

yes and I was thinking of you last summer, as we slow roasted in Texas, and I KNOW how Colorado is in the summer time! I think Hans is right, but I won't tell!!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I haven't seen that hubby might enjoy it...well I lived through that summer, roasting here in Texas, so I am enjoying this wonderful spring and all the butterflies and praying we won't have a repeat of last year...if so, head to the mountains again

Tamara Swerline said...

They make reference to Safford Arizona in that movie and that's where we live! It was funny.

Debbie said...

I always wanted to see that movie but haven't...I am definitely going to rent it now. Yes, last summer was a hot one for all of you out there. My daughter in Texas about melted. I am really hoping NONE of us get a repeat of that. Your movie lines back and forth with hubby are too funny. Have a good day! HUGS

Dawn @ Dawnings said...

You are one well-kept secret, Girl. Glad I'm in on it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Last summer here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, it was HOTTER than I could remember--since moving here. BUT--since we had such a mild winter, I'm worried that we're going to have an even hotter summer this year... GADS---hope I am wrong.... I'm not much of a summer person anyhow ---but when it gets extremely hot, I just try to stay inside in our cool, air-conditioned home... ha


Lisa said...

You lucky duck! Looks like this year might be a repeat. It's going to be 90 today! Yikes!
PS I HATE (and I don't use that term lightly) this new blogger format. YUCK!

Single and Sane said...

Hey, seeing those pictures of Colorado was a huge encouragement to those of us who did endure the awful heat. There were days when I felt cooler just looking at your pictures of mountains! =)


Rachel said...

Hee hee! That is too funny!

My husband loves to quote Princess Bride and (brace yourself) Kung Fu Panda! :)