Friday, October 21, 2011

tricking halloween

even though i love scary movies, i've never been a fan of
halloween.  one of the many inconsistencies in my life.  my kids
love to dress up and enjoy the holiday to the fullest now that they
are grown up and make their own decisions.

does that make me sad?  not really.  it would break my heart if
they chose to turn their backs on the Lord, not if they want to
have some silly fun.   i've been invited to a party myself and
plan to not wear any make-up.  that should scare everybody!

i will rebel by playing Christmas music all day on halloween.
this year i even have some norwegian Christmas cookies made
by my favorite norwegian, sonja.   look how adorably she
painted the can in which she sent them!

see janette and sonja's unhappy faces?  their beloved UT lost to my
oklahoma  sooners.   janette posed in an OU jersey, but sonja opted
to make me cookies.  both were women of their word and made me
very happy!



ps.  "let your 'yes' be 'yes', and your 'no' be 'no.'"  matthew 5:37


Vee said...

Oh I just love it! That Sonja is so clever. I see the tight little mouth on her and also on Janette. Too cute! So glad that the cookies are tasty, too.

We do not honor Halloween here...I like your suggestion to play Christmas music. I was once required to dress up at the grocery store where I worked, but didn't. When the manager confronted me about it, I responded blithely, "What are you talking about? I'm dressed as a chubby checker!" Got me off the hook.

Now my children and grands participate. I'd prefer that they did not, but what can a gal do? Pray. That's all. Oh, and try not to behave too much like the gal with the pointy hat when they arrive at my door.

Farm Girl said...

Very Sweet, yes, Halloween was a huge hard thing for me when the kids were small.So glad I don't have to do that anymore. I mean the fight with my unbelieving family vs trying to be all things to all men.
I gave in on that issue but I don't think it hurt my kids in the long run. I think you have to learn where your battles are and learn where to give in. Thankfully,
none of mine ever walked away from the faith, even though I let them dress up. :)

High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful post!! I too am not a huge Halloween fan... this time of year I prefer to celebrate harvest... and be thankful that even through the long cold winter months food is plenty... Happy Friday my friend..and many blessings..xo HHL

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

We used to celebrate halloween when I was young, used to dress up creatively when it was not a big thing here in the Philippines. Then my soon to be brother in law bravely told us it was unChristian. So we obediently stopped. Halloween is so popular here now. My son is 16 years old and he's never participated, but this year he asked me if he could join a neighbor and go trick or treating. That surprised me and I have not given my answer yet. I'm hoping he'll forget about it as he's actually quite old to be going around the neighborhood asking for treats! Patsy from

Cinnamon said...

I really enjoy the spirit in which you live. Halloween can be such a huge battle for Christian Mama's.

So from our home to yours....Happy wait...Merry Chri...oh no that's not right either....

Happy Christmas ♥ ~Cinnamon

Sonja said...

You are such fun, Lea! Making those cookies for you was almost as much fun as baking them for my kids, which ONLY happens at Christmas!!


Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Hmmm. I don't really have an opinion on halloween. I let the kids dress up, but I don't do so myself. Like you, I was never one for that holiday.

Rondalahonda said...

I wanted to see the photo of Janette in the jersey! Once we went to a Halloween party(we never did Halloween either) but we dressed as an OSU football player and cheerleader. Little did we know all the people there were OSU folks and they did NOT think it was funny.

Jenners said...

I'm all about the costumes and the candy and I love how the neighborhood comes alive on Halloween night. If I hear carols, I'll knoew we live nearby!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Not wearing any make-up to the party? I know it would be a very scary thing if I did that! Thanks for the laugh!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I hardly ever wear make up so I probably scare people all the time.

We are certainly on the downward run to Christmas ... it was lovely warm summery weather today at last.

Mountain Mama said...

We don't "do" Halloween around here. However, we do have a little party of our own with a movie, popcorn and sweets. The kids love it!

Well, Merry Christmas to you (in 9 days :-)

Southern Lady said...

I'm not a fan of halloween either. Last year I was invited to a dress up party and dressed as the "bird lady" with birds in my hair and binocculars around my neck! Christmas music sounds like a much better idea! Carla

Tamara said...

I love Autumn, harvest and such, but the scary part of Halloween... well, I could do without that, especially for the little GKs. We are helping our church with Trunk-R-Treat - a safe alternative.

Sonja said...

I have hopped over here 3 or 4 times to see how you got that live feed thing. I'm going to click on it and see what happens, since on my own page no longer shows me followers...

Girl Meets Paris said...

I've missed reading blogs...glad you didn't let The New Yorker stop you!
Glad I checked in today :)

Rosie said...

Ya...this is not at the top of my list for holidays...I still give out candy to cute princesses and little green dinosaurs...and remember when my dad drove us for miles just to get a little candy...we grew up in the country( a mile between houses) And I'm with you...a REALLY suspenseful movie (with a twisted ending that I don't figure out in the first five minutes) IS on the top of my list...hugs...Rosie

Jen said...

Halloween is just a mood for me. The kids might dress up and go out, we might stay in. I try to look at the silliness of it all and not take it seriously. I plan fun things just for the family here at home, but if we don't have time it's no big deal. As for Christmas music .... it's been playing since the 15th. Now that is a holiday worthy of a celebration! BTW .... I love the little tin filled with cookies. And just how cute is it decorated?!

Susan Mc. said...

I'm not a big Halloween fan either ...yet my church has a "Switch" Alternative planned so I acquiese to my precious pastor's decisions (husband of mine that he is!). But I will have to play my new Christmas CD all day as well...wonderful idea that I will "steal" from you! In the past I have carve my pumpkns with "Jesus Saves" and gotten some neat remarks. I may steal the no makeup idea too but it may be a bit too scary for all involved in my case!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

love the way you rebel, Lea; I don't "do" haloweenie and **hate** movies that frighten me. there's too much fright in the world already; no room in my life for any more -grin-.