Monday, April 25, 2011

i blow dry my feet

if you think it strange that i blow dry my feet, then you must not
know my aunt susan.  she can blow a sunflower seed through a
straw and knock a squirrel plumb off its sycamore branch.   that
used to tickle us kids, because that meant meat for dinner.

aunt susan's sister in law, doris, had special powers, too.  one
time i saw her spit a watermelon seed into the eye of a racoon.
she didn't "cotton to his helpin' hisself to her corn cobs." now
that i think about it, neither did we.

doris' son, my friend jimmy, was a might  'tetched'  but we
loved him just the same.  the baker boys on the south 40 were
afraid of him, which kept them from beating up on us.   which
is why i still have both my arms and legs.

which leads me to my feet.  they get freezing cold, so to warm
them up, i turn the blow dryer on them,  which is the only true
part of this story.


"oh God, thou knowest my foolishness."  psalm 69:5


Silver Strands said...

HAHAHAHA ... thanks for the laugh!

Cindy said...

This brought a smile to my day!

Farm Girl said...

That was so funny and I started to ask if we was related. :)Some of my relations could do those tricks.
Have a wonderful day.
Thanks for the laugh.

Vee said...

Oh shoot! (Pun intended.) I was hoping that one could spit a sunflower seed through a straw at pests. We have just a few and are now dependant on buckshot. Kinda. ;>

Sonja said...

I was already laughing out loud before I even saw the scripture!!
You are a nut...yep, pun intended. :)

Sandy said...

Silly girl...this is why we all
love you.
Thanks for the giggle.

Blondie's Journal said...

You are so cute...this brightened my rainy day!


His Song to Sing said...

You are a hoot, Lea! Keep the laughs coming.

Debbie said...

HAHA I enjoyed this...My poor stepdad does this all the time anymore. It is the only way he can get them warm!

Rachel said...

I giggled and giggled and giggled - thanks!

koralee said...

You are so feet are always cold too...I may try your idea. Can't wait to see what my husband might say.

Hugs for a great week my friend. xoxoo

Meg said...

ROFL! Oh my sweet goodness, you just reminded me of my own family (who are from Loozeeyana ;) )!

Joan Elizabeth said...

You had me wondering about your rellies for a minute. As for blow drying your feet ... have you tried slippers :-)

myletterstoemily said...

joan: 'rellies' stumped for a minute. you
must mean relatives. :)

chris said...

this is too funny!! and a great idea - i plan on trying it!

Cheri Bunch said...

You are so much fun! Feeling giggly because of you! Have a blessed day! Cheri

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You are just toooooooooooo funny!!! Now how much fun you had just writing this!!!

We have made it through the storms..mixed blessings since our son owns a construction company and this brings him work. His land at Possum Kingdom did get burned up, but he doesn't have a house on it so we can't complain, others lost their homes. We are buckling down for this storm we won't be like Dorothy. Blessings to you all as you go through it also.

Oh check out what we did in Austin..if you get there before May 1st you will have to see the pianos.

Lisa said...

You silly thing you!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Now it will be fun if your Waco kids go down and play on those pianos...our kids playing on the same keys...and yes, Praising the Lord..putting His praises into the air. Let me know if they do. My sons have checked out your son's group and really enjoyed him. Small world lady!!

Karena said...

Lea I love this story and adore your site!! I think blow drying your feet is a great idea!!

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BonjourRomance said...

I needed a good laugh at the end of a long day! The blow dryer idea is a good one. "Laughter doeth good like a medicine". Thanks.

Darcie said...

Now how come I haven't thought of this!! Truth be told, I don't know what I would need the dryer for feet or my hands.

Good to see a post from you!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

My feet get cold as well, but usually a pair of socks suffice... even in the summer time. I used to use my hair dryer for my hair, but well, hasn't been necessary in 9 months. Now I have an alternate use for it!


Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Silly me. I did believe your stories. I'll have to try the blow drying.I have very bad circulation, so have to wear 2 pairs of socks in the winter. My feet still get cold, though.

Anonymous said...

I have missed visiting with you! Thanks for the giggles this afternoon. Thanks also for dropping by to comment on "J's" progress. Thanking God for answered prayers!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

LOL darn your funny. I sure needed this good laugh. Wish you could of seen me rereading your comments about your Aunts. hahaha
Thank you so much for your comments about my daughter and myself. I really appreciate it. It has been a rough two weeks and then when that happened to her last Friday I was devastated. I think she is having a horrible time so I am going to try to get her tomorrow and bring her home for a few days.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Welcome back...When my feet get cold I wrap them up with a hot water bottle and a towel in bed...never thought of the blow dryer! Cheers.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the great giggle!!

Thank you for your words of comfort for my dear Toby, it means more to me than you could know!

June said...

Gosh Lea, I'm going to have to practice more often. All your relatives are really showing me up.
You funny girl!!!!!!!
sending hugs...

Jemm said...

You're such a hoot!

Mountain Mama said...

Great idea! I am all over that one - blowing drying the feet that is. Sounds so pleasant it might even put me to sleep - which doesn't sound so bad either. It's a win-win!

Cheri Bunch said...

It was good to hear from you, Lea! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have not been in the tornados. We drove to Florida the week before the tornados hit Mississippi. We would have been right in the middle of it if we had waited one week. So thankful that we missed them!

My hearts goes out to all that are suffering from such tragic losses.

I hope that you and all of yours are safe!

It is always a blessing to hear from you!


Jenners said...

Ok...I can see warming them up. I envisioned you using a blow dryer to dry them after a shower or bath!

Jen said...

Oh how I needed the laugh!! Happy Day to you!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Chuckling along with the others ...

What is it they say: "Necessity is the mother of invention." Looks like you've put that to superb use!


Gloria said...

Ha! Ha!!! :)
I actually do blow dry my feet too! But for a different reason than yours. I dry my toenail polish with the blow dryer...:) a quick jet of warm air,,,then on the cool air setting!

Have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha that was so funny. i still think you should write a book full of stories. actually some of my relatives were like that.:)A