Friday, February 4, 2011


they say that admitting it is the first step.  so here goes.  "i am a

i have not stepped outside my home in four days and feel no
urgency to do so.  because i feel guilty about this, i will invite a
couple to dinner and make myself go to the gym.

this is not the same as agoraphobia, because i'm not afraid or
anxious to go outside.   i just have no desire to do that.  instead,
i'm content to stay inside with my God, my dog, my music, my
books, my blog, and of course, my husband.

i can never remember having experienced cabin fever.  what a
great frontier woman i would have made!  well, except for the
farming, churning butter, making our clothes, and feeding the

anyone else have this social disfunction?


"come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."
mark 6:31


Town and Country Mom said...

I am out and about every single day, except Friday. The Mister always asks if I'm meeting anyone for coffee or lunch or do I have errands, and I always say I might if I get everything finished at home. I do get a lot of chores done, but the truth is I love being home by myself. I can pray out loud, and even then I sometimes get tired of hearing my own voice. I seldom listen to music or have the television on; I believe I need the quiet and solitude to re-charge for the coming week.

Shannon said...

That's great you like being at home sometimes I think it's a good way to recharge our mind, body and souls!!! Then again it's another reason for me not to feel like I have to get ready with the world!! :) Which if I could esp while preggo I'd stay in pjs ALL day!

Sonja said...

not me... I DO have cabin fever...right now! The first 2 days was fun and cozy, now I'm rarin to go except that we got another 6 inches last night! So... I'm going upstairs to get out of this bathrobe since it's 9:30, and dress for going nowhere! :)

Enjoy your cozy home, I really am too.

Farm Girl said...

Did you ever hear that lady talk who had 19 kids? She talked about why being at home is best and how she did her schedule so she never left her house but once ever two weeks. She talked about the beauty of being at home and why going out in the world was so stressful for woman. I never felt guilty after that. I try to stay home as much as I can as I found it to be cheaper. :) I leave on Sunday and then I stay home until Friday which is the day my kids have outside lessons.
Lea, really, all you are saying is that you are content. Godliness with contentment is great gain. You are blessed.
Never feel guilty for keeping your home fires burning. Such is a good keeper at home.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

If I stayed in for four days, I would definitely be stir crazy, but I bet I would get a lot done. I just crave being with others, if I've been with just myself too long. I guess that's what makes the world go round--gals with all different flavors and personalities.

Enjoy your weekend,

Susy said...

I'm with you kiddo. I only go out if I need to, and I'm really good at coordinating my expeditions so I do as much as possible in one outing. Hubby's been gone several days fishing, and I've loved the alone time. Just how we're made, me thinks.

Blondie's Journal said...

I enjoy my time at home very much and usually find that I can keep myself busy or just relax. Then there are some days where I just need a change of scenery. I guess I am divided!!


Jackie said...

I love being home by myself. I cherish the solitude!
It's refreshes and replenishes my soul! I often have praise and worship music in the background but mostly just love silence with my bible, journal and computer (blogging!) close by....Oh and I must mention my two spoiled rotten kitties Murphy and Maggie laying at my feet!'s all good!!

However, I've got to get in some exercise so I'm heading to the mall and get my fast walk done and THEN return to the comforts of home!!

Have a cozy weekend!

Cindy said...

Me too. I am not afraid of solitude at all and always can find something to do while puttering around the house.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I would say I am half and half...I have enjoyed the last week...and it continues on after last night and this morning...but I did venture out and slide everywhere in my car...not good...then I went to play today with the boys and slide, falling and hit my I am back in and going to stay until spring!!!LOL

I sometimes think I was born in the wrong century!
Enjoy your time indoors and also the joy of being content...that sure makes empty nesting great!!

Aubrey said...

Thank you for this post, Lea! It makes me feel better about myself. :)

There is a lot of pressure on stay-at-home mommies to be "productive" with play dates, outings, and other events designed to "socialize" your child. I am an extrovert and love to be surrounded by people, but I have no problem whatsoever with staying at home for days on end. When all my friends are running around complaining about their busy schedules and how there aren't enough hours in the day, I often feel...LAZY.

In short, it's nice to know that someone I respect and admire is content at home too. Most of the time I feel like there aren't many like us out there!

Darcie said...

It looks like you are not alone! We just might be two peas in a pod on this subject. However much I do enjoy solitude, and also try and remind myself it is good for the spirit to get out and about as well. It does something for me to be at home with soft music playing that just makes me feel content.

Enjoy your company tonight, and I will be out and about...running kids to their events. :-)

Sandy said...

I have been a homebody for as long
as I can remember. I would rather
be home, with or without my family,
than out anywhere. I love a lunch
out with friends and thrifting, but
I'm always glad to be back home doing
needlework, listening to music and
just doodling around.

Cheri Bunch said...

I love being home, especially when the weather is cold and the snow is deep. Glad you are staying cozy! I think that is lovely!

Kate said...

yes! while everyone else is moaning about wanting to go back to work and other things that make no sense at all, i have been deeply grateful for the forced sabbatical. i have read more in the past week than in the past 6 months and that alone is reason to sing!

Southern Lady said...

Lea, I must confess that I am a recluse too! It's not that I don't enjoy being out and about, I would just rather be at home. I have friends who say that they get bored when they spend too much time at home...not me!! I love it. I could stay here for days without stepping off of my property. Carla

Gloria said...

I am a you! ...but, I do have to go out almost everyday. To drive back and forth, and here and there with the grandkids. And to visit a daughter who moved a little further away. Except for all of that I would prefer to BE at Home almost every day!

I think I learned to be content at home from my mom. She was always keeping herself busy at home. I don't remember her EVER being bored!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

xoxo Gloria

Kim said...

If I didn't have to work I think I would become a hermit. When I am on vacation I just stay at the cottage and not move fore days on end.

Amy said...

I work from home and rarely leave the house during the week unless it is to take my son somehwere or run a quick errand. By Friday or Saturday I am usually ready to head out into the world for a little while. Sometimes I miss leaving the house to go to work but then I think about what a blessing it is to have the ability to work at home.

Crown of Beauty said...

I am with you in this, Lea. If it were not for the commitments I have made the past weeks, I would be pretty content to stay within the confines of my home. Household chores are no big deal to me - I love doing them, gardening, sitting with my book and dogs, listening to music, puttering around the kitchen... yes I know what you mean.

Thanks for this post.


Vee said...

So perhaps the storm was a gift... After all, I hear that it's still kinda crazy out there. I have always loved to be home. It's rare for me to feel the need to get out, though it happens from time to time.

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe that someone would blog about just what I have been thinking about lately. I have not been out of the house in 3 whole days and it seems as if it is happening more and more recently. I LOVE it. I don't know if it is because I spent years and years HURRYING everywhere I had to go or what, but this just doesn't get much better. Now, my hubby is here in the morning and again at night so it is not like I never see anyone or anything, and my week-ends it seems as if I am seldom here for more than sleeping. Maybe that is what it is...I am in as much as I can be for 5 days, and then run around and visit grandkids, church etc. on the other two. But oh those week days....I putter in the kitchen, do my little chores, listen to praise music, browse on the computer, sew, read, and oh I almost forgot ~ talk on the phone to my mom, daughter, daughter in laws, and sisters. I have felt almost guilty sometimes as my life is so peaceful in comparison to many. But I am honestly content with this. Sometimes I enjoy a lunch out with friends, or a trip to the grocery store etc., but I might avoid those sometimes too if I can. It seems the less I do the more I wonder why I lived such a "FRANTIC" life for so long. Glad to know someone else "get's it!" Have a wonderful week-end. BLESSINGS

High Heeled Life said...

Its interesting since the accident I do find that I prefer to stay home and putter about. Sometimes having to go out for therapy and doctor appointments as much as I need to ..I would be happy if they just came to me.

Today I actually forced myself to go for a mani/pedi (much needed I will add .. even hubby suggested, I may think about going..)after chiro appointment...

Happy week-end...xo HHL

Jenn said...

I can totally relate! In the winter months I tend to hibernate! :) I'm happy as a clam in my warm home surrounded by my family!

Rachel said...

Me too!

I felt the need for some quiet after Christmas (ironic, since I'm deaf, but there's a difference in the QUIET at home :)

And you know what? Sometimes that is simply contentment - which is a blessing to recognize! :)

Ⓙ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Indeed I do, Lea. I can go weeks without leaving my house except to take the dogs out in the yard to run. At this point in my life, there is no place like home. :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I try to get out early every morning to power walk in a local park just to get some exercise. I love watching the sunrise and see the birds and squirrels and other people walking their dogs along the way. It is very invigorating and I miss it when I don't go out on raining or snowy days. Other than that I am content to be at home and I'm never bored...the day flies by and i wish I had more hours to do all I want. I guess that is what contentment is all about :)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh a love solitude. That's why I am ever so glad I can now work from home 3 days a week and choose to work the other two days at a drop in desk away from the chatter of the office.

For me, solitude in the garden and in the wilderness is also lots of fun. But solitude is always better with my husband close at hand.

Anonymous said...

It's a very good day when the car never leaves the driveway...I think if I could, i'd be a recluse with you!

Mmm said...

Lea, I think that is great you can enjoy your home to the fullest. I tend to like to get out a lot as my flat is rather small but when I had a house I loved to be in it but never seemed to have the time with a family to do that much. LOL. main thing I livek about bein gin my won place--the quiest. Love that.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

There's nothing like staying home for real comfort.
Have a loveliest of Sundays, Lea xxxx

Leslie said...

I wish I could be more like you since you don't experience cabin fever, however, I am pulling my hair out after a day or two inside!! While I do enjoy my daily quiet time, I love going to the gym, taking a walk or meeting someone for lunch. I'd be a terrible "pioneer woman", so thankfully the Lord didn't make me one!!!
I wouldn't change one thing about you, Lea - the Lord knew what He was doing when He made you just the way you are -

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

I wish I could hibernate in winter. Sadly, I've got small kids which means I have to take them to school and do the shopping, take them to football practise etc.
I always go to worship on Sundays, so there's another day of the week - I'm out.
I could be a fine recluse. I know I could! :-)

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I too love to be home. Enjoy your day today!

Vickie said...

I love staying at home, Lea. That's where I wanna be. I am quiet at home, too. No radio or TV while I'm alone. I like my solitude. I talk to God - usually have a running conversation most days - even when I'm out running around. My office is quiet, too - just me by myself, no music, etc.

There's not a single, solitary thing with what you're doing! Keep it up!

His Song to Sing said...

I'm right there with you, Lea. I often wish I had more days to just "be" with my God, my dog and my cat, my music, my books, my blog and blogland friends, and my husband. Though I know the snow storms have wreaked havoc across the country, this Florida girl has been a little jealous and wished she was "snowed in."

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a people person too, but I love solitude!

The Strawberry Mallard said...

ME ME ME!!!!!!!!! Even though I have a hard time explaining the difference( to well meaning friends)between seclusion and solitude.I cherish my solitude. I am energized through it and as I grow older, find that I become closer and closer to GOd through it...
Proud to be dysfuncional.....LOL!
Nancy and her circle of critters

Jenny said...

I have this. I am perfectly content at home so long as my Grands come to see me!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey we suffer from the same thing and at first I felt guilty about it but now I know it is where I am suppose to be at this time in my life.
I love how you wrote about this and I completely understand. I too could of been living on the prairie and sometimes when the wind blows out here and it is dark like now I think I am living on the prairie. lol
Nothing wrong with us...we just are getting closer to ourselves and God.

Jenners said...

I prefer the term "homebody." It sounds healthier!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said... sound like me...a TOTAL loner and homebody...i just love being home...same as ..gardening...being with TEDDY...reading...knitting...baking...

I LOVE HOME !!!!!!

happy to stop by today

kary and teddy

Melissa~ said...

Count me in as one of the homebodies. I love being home with my kids & hubby and after a long day running errands I feel so happy to be home again. If I could buy everything we need on Amazon I would be thrilled!

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

notes of sincerity said...

Home is my favorite place to be!! :o)

Barbara Thrasher said...

This could have been written by me. I so completely relate. {{{{hugs}}}}

Beadaciously Yours said...

I just found your blog today. And when I read this "letter" about the joy of staying at home, I knew I had found a kindred soul. And a whole club of like minded people from all these comments I read. I do work outside the home Monday - Friday because I have to, but I come home on the weekends and may not go anywhere until Monday again. I love being here with my husband. We are so blessed to really enjoy being together. I make my handcrafted jewelry for my Etsy and Artfire shops. I read, cook sometimes, go for walks (can see the Rocky Mountains from my home) and praise God everyday for how he has blessed me. Thanks for sharing through your blog.

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

I think a good dose of reflection and quiet is good for the soul! Thank you for dropping by my blog!! Thank you for your honest thoughts!