Thursday, December 2, 2010

o little town of bethlehem

dear emily,

we have a winner of the smallest tree contest . . . the tiny candy
cane goes to margaret for not only entering the contest  but for
doing it with such gusto!  she even wrote a post on her pithy
blog, single and sane.

why did i have this silly idea?   my heart must  have been
pondering the wonder of God's value of humility, smallness.

He "chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;
God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.
He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised . . .
so that no one may boast before Him." 1 corinthians 1:27, 28

He honored young, humble, and virgin mary, a descendant of
the great king david, to bear His Son, the King of kings.   her

"my soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my
Savior, for He has been mindful of my lowly state . . .He has
brought down rulers . . but has lifted up the humble."
luke 1:46-52

and when the time came for the baby to be born, she gave
birth to her firstborn, a Son.  she wrapped Him in cloths and
placed Him in a manger, for there was no room for them in
the inn.

and where was that inn?

in the little town of bethlehem.  "and you, bethlehem, though
you are small . . . out of you will come . . . the ruler over
israel, whose origins are from ancient times."  micah 5:2

"the hopes and fears of all the years, are met in thee tonight."

merry Christmas,

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Sandy said...

Everything you write is so sweet
and touching. You warm my heart,
dear Lea. :0)

Kathy said...

Lea...where would our hopes be without the King of Kings...
I love that you get it.
Merry Christmas to you and yours my precious friend.

xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Single and Sane said...

OK, now you've made me cry. Beautiful post!


High Heeled Life said...

Beautifully written... Lea , each visit your words inspire me more, and more each time... xo HHL

Farm Girl said...

it looks so nice and the verses are so true. Glad you posted them.
I am glad someone won the smallest tree give away.
Have a great weekend.

Rachel said...

That song has been in my head all day... love that He cares for the little things!

Thank you so very deeply for the prayer you wrote on my blog. It was what I needed to read. I stretched my hand out and read it outloud and agreed with every word.

Thank you again.


Susy said...

Isn't God amazing, that He can use the small and insignificant to complete His purposes. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings.

Cinnamon said...

Oh I missed the contest but that is so cute! What a fun idea~


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a awesome time of year...just to stop and read the prophecies and their fulfillment through Christ!

Precious post as always...your gift comes through so strongly in your writing

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful and touching post Lea. Sending wishes for a blessed Christmas to you and yours.

Natasha said...

Lea, I love coming here as you always remind me about what truly makes for a good and happy, love, hope and joy. This week you have also reminded me that good things come in small packages. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Bree said...

hi lea :) how was your thanksgiving? did your dear ones come home? thank you for your prayers (for myself and my family member.) life is a blessing here-being stretched but He is right here! my dear family member does not know the Lord, only a mean and angry god does she know. she is broken and lost and in need of much healing and love, but the Lord has a mighty plan for her life and her family...praying she will see HIm in this and meet Him. bless you! praying for your home :)

koralee said...

So lovely my sweet friend....guess what? you won my Where Women Cook magazine...pop on over and email me your address so I can get it in the mail....

Happy Friday. xoxoxo

Joan Elizabeth said...

We are about to experience tiny town life ... will be blogging about it in the new year. This was an inspirational Christmas post ... thank you for getting me into the spirit of the season.

Cheri Bunch said...

I love it, Lea! And I needed that word today! Thank you!

Merry Christmas to you!

Vee said...

So beautifully said...

I'm enjoying those bloggers who keep pointing us back to the the Lord and His purposes. It's a breath of fresh air.

Now I must be off to read Margaret's post. She writes so beautifully as well!

Darcie said...

I love this post. What a beautiful way to spiritualize(sp?) it. Thanks for sharing.

Sonja said...

well at least I get an E for effort! :)

Love this post Lea... this is such a holy time and it's all because of Jesus.


Ruth said...

dear lea, merry Christmas! have a Christ centered Christmas season...!

Charlotte said...

Love the giveaway idea. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post.

Mya said...

And the first to know, and to be told to tell others were the humble shepherds. Your post is a reminder that it is not necessarily the grandest that makes the greatest, nor the biggest the best.
Thank you for a lovely post.

Whidbey Woman said...

Have a blessed Advent season!

Gloria said...

Beautiful post! Loved reading these scriptures and viewing your pretty photo of the nativity with them...:)

Have a happy weekend!

Merry Christmas to you, dear Lea!

xoxo Gloria

MTJ said...

Hi Lea,

You post frames this season in such an eloquent manner. Who could imagine at that time that the Son of God would be born by a virgin? That His birth would come with subtle fanfare that only those seeking God's truth could possibly recognize. Or that His birth would take place in the manger of a small town.

And yet God used this small beginning to establish an eternal kingdom! To God be the glory.

Blessings and peace.


Crystal Mary said...

This story never ceases to thrill my heart. I cannot add to such beauty. Bless you. CML

Dianne said...

A beautiful and touching post, Lea. I love the way you put it all together. It ALL just fit--the smallness fit for a KING!

Thank you,

A Cracked Pot said...

God's ways are definitely not the ways of man. Much of the time we think the big things are the important things, or we judge something according to the way it looks, but not so with God. I'm glad He doesn't measure worth with man's measuring stick.

Great post.

My name is PJ. said...

Your blog is food for my soul, Lea. I wish I could blog hop every day so I could be uplifted by it...but right now it's not possible.

I sure would love a bible study with you in it!!

Joan said...

Beautiful! I often think of how the King of Kings (who could have been born in the finest of places) chose a lowly stable to come into the world.

Blessings and joy,

sarah said...

this is such a great and inspirational post. I've been to Bethlehem. It is small. Really small. And do you know that Bethlehem in Hebrew means city of bread? He is the bread of heaven....

LDH said...

Fun visiting the winner of the smallest tree duel! I have enjoyed perusing several of your posts too. A sweet God-honoring place you have here. :)

micey said...

you have a sweet blog. =)

Rosie said...

Lea dear...this is a lovely picture of OUR Majestic Heavenly Father who loves even someone as small as I...Ahhhh.

Oh dear one, you must be having some very special moments with that sweet little baby bird that has returned home to your nest...wishing you much laughter and the purest of JOY...

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Your scriptures go so well with your smallest tree contest.Thank-you for sharing this today.

God Bless,

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Beautifully said...

Virginia said...

I love It...beautiful and touching post.

vivek said...

Hi Lea,
How are you ?
Just loved your post , as always you are sweetest .

Wish you and your family Merry Christmas in advance :)

It would be a busy month for you it seems , with lots of preparation for the special eve.

Wish you a great time ..keep smiling :).

With love

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for caregivers and grandparents said...

Your Spiritual Sunday devotional was perfect timing. Our sermon today was on the importance of Mary and the fact that she was, indeed, a virgin - and how vital that fact is to know and believe. This complemented that so nicely. And what a lovely Christmas nativity set. So beautiful! I love nativity sets of all kinds from children's to fancy and everything in between. :)
Have a blessed week!

Donnie said...

Such sweet words. Have a blessed Sunday.

Jenny said...

Thank you for the hug of these perfectly written words on this early, early Arizona morning.