Tuesday, November 16, 2010

headache at walmart

my daughter, shelby, gets fussy at me for spending so much money
at my neighborhood grocery store.  "mom, that chicken costs twice
as much as at walmart."  i know, but walmart's garish flourescent
lighting, the hard floors, loud noises, and crowds of people are
such an assault.

google image

monday, however, i mustered my courage to make the thanksgiving
supply run at the local walmart.  shelby would have been so proud
of my great attitude.  "this will be fun.  there will be so many good
deals, etc."

but, 20 steps into the store and i felt like everyone was yelling at
me, the lights hurt my eyes, i couldn't find the stuffing, and my
head was pounding.  i frowned looked at a sweet elderly man,
who said, "well, it's our church singer.  yvonne would be so glad
to see you!  she just thinks you're . . ."

i immediately thought of sonja's post on the dangers of putting
Christian bumper stickers on our cars.  people expect us to act like
Christians, if our cars are saved.  :)  well, the same is true of
sunday singers.  people expect us to be as cheerful on monday,
even at walmart.

speaking of cars, when i approached mine, i saw that the front left
tire had been shredded.

are you kidding me?


"let your gentleness be evident to all.  the Lord is near."  philippians 4:5


Single and Sane said...

Shredded? Seriously?

I've made the switch to the Neighborhood Market - still Wal-Mart so the prices are as good, but the size of the store is not overwhelming, there's rarely a crowd, and my tires have never been shredded.

Knock on wood. ;-)

Cheri Bunch said...

You and I have so much in common, Lea!

Thanksgiving at your house sounds like a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for the invite! You made me smile!


Cheri Bunch said...

Oh, and what can I bring?

Farm Girl said...

Wow, I only go to Wal Mart under duress. I can never find a thing and It is just not worth it to me. Besides I am afraid I am going to see myself on that Blog, Wal Mart people. I am always walking around keeping my eyes peeled for someone with a camera taking pictures. I make sure I have make up and nice clothes, nothing like " have you hugged your gun today tea shirt or anything. :)
I stay at my local store.

Sandy said...

What a drag! I hate that your tire
was shredded! I like Wal-Mart's
prices but I hate the crowds so
much that I usually just go to
another store and pay a little more
to keep my sanity. I have to make
my Thanksgiving run in a day or so.
My turkey was free this year because
I spend so much on a weekly basis I qualified for a free bird at the
store where I usually shop.

Blondie's Journal said...

I shop for a lot of specialty items that I just can't find at Walmart or Target. On the other hand...there is so much under one roof, it's confusing. I often forget what I am there for!

So sorry about your tire.


Bree said...

:) good times!

Southern Lady said...

I know things are cheaper at Walmart, but I always end up spending more because I get things that I did not go in for....too much stuff!!! As for my master list for Thanksgiving...I just go through each room and list what I want to get accomplished before company comes. I also keep Thanksgiving simple by allowing my guests to bring a dish. I take care of the turkey and dressing and I don't even worry about what they are bringing. It always works out! We just enjoy each other's company. Carla

Veronica Lee said...

Crowded marts freak me out! I prefer to shop at my fav store although the prices are a little higher.

Have a nice day!

myletterstoemily said...

thanks, carla!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Ohhhhh, Walmart...My Wal-mart is just the plain ol' regular kind so it's not as stressful. My sister's is a Super Wal-Mart and I can see a headache brewing every time she thinks about going there.
Sometime paying a little more is worth the peace of mind.

Cheri Bunch said...

the eating kind???? tee-hee!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So sorry...that didn't make for a nice trip...oh, understand the sunday singer thing..not me but my husband...so I can do what I want. LOL
I hope the rest of thanksgiving preparation goes better

Rosie said...

Oh dear heart...:(
Tomorrow is a new day...and you gave the old college try, so...a walmart~free day...:)
Have the most Wonderfilled Thankgiving, with your beautiful family. Is your daughter coming home soon?...love you dear one...Rosie

myletterstoemily said...

janette! ha haaaaa! you can NOT do
anything you want! no fair!

High Heeled Life said...

Lea,unfortunately I know first hand just how you must have felt. The noise, the lights, the chaos, the overwhelming rows over stuffed shelves of.

Thankfully with living in the country if I plan my putings with care .. I manage to pop into the small town nearby without too much anxiety.

I admire you for giving it a try ... xo HHL

Bonnie said...

wow. never go to wal mart again. I avoid that place whenever I can. SO sorry to hear your tire was slashed, how awful!

hope the rest of your week is a lot less stressful!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

So sorry to hear about your tire. I avoid Walmart at all cost.
I understand the identity thing too. I taught for years and would go to the next town to shop because I was constantly being identified, lol

Aubrey said...

Horrible lighting, hard floors, crushing crowds, and the threat of a lurker with a camera posting my fashion faux pas on the interwebs...SCARY.

Then again, I haven't even SEEN a Wal-Mart in almost a year, so it kind of sounds fun to me at this moment.

At least your fellow shoppers speak your language, eh? :)

Joan Elizabeth said...

We don't have stores as big and fabulous as you have in America so going to Wal Mart would be an adventure for me. We don't have thanksgiving either but my sister is visting from Queensland this weekend so we are having a pre-Christmas get together. It's a wonderful time of year.

{Jodie} said...

What is it about WalMart that they're all either a little or alot ghetto. Slashed tires? I mean, that's ludicrous. I thought they were only supposed to "slash prices". Dumb WalMart. I don't why I keep going back. Something about low prices or something, but I always spend alot so I'm not sure that low prices thing is even true. Again I say, dumb WalMart.

His Song To Sing said...

I'm with ya, sister! We have a fairly new Super WalMart near our house but I've only been in it a few times. They designed it "green" so it's not even a pretty store to spend time in. I hear about the great buys from everyone but still choose the warmth of Publix across the street.

Sorry about your tire!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Well I am glad I almost made you laugh..so someone has to work really hard to get you to laugh...LOL????
Well we all know that the important one still sees...but in the 35 years of relationship with my husband he is the one who is recognize and not me...I can just blend into the walls...usually I am the one handling the kids while he is at the front....even in a TV commercial I was only seen for a split second!!! We got calls from everywhere because of hearing his voice and then seeing him and the kids.
So you famous people get watched more than the rest of us... I am laughing...now at least smile!!!

Sonja said...

i'm just sayin'...

bumper stickers, singing voices, speaking, bad hair day, all of it...

wal mart is the surest place on earth that we WILL be seen!! (have you ever scooted around an aisle when you spot someone in the distance??) :)

{Jodie} said...

I thought you knew!! :) I sure hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think after you read it. :) You're a doll. Have I told you that lately?

Ronda said...

My precious Mom had her handbag ripped of her arm by someone in a passing car in the parking lot. The police officer told her the store you mentioned is a 24/7 crime scene. I try not to go there anymore unless my bodyguard is with me.

Ronda said...

My precious Mom had her handbag ripped of her arm by someone in a passing car in the parking lot. The police officer told her the store you mentioned is a 24/7 crime scene. I try not to go there anymore unless my bodyguard is with me.

Sandra said...

Do you mean someone shredded the tire on purpose? Okay, I hate to ask the stupid question but...why? What in the world...?? I go to our local WM, about 15 miles across 2 mountains, but it's safe. It's loud, bright and overwhelming but I know Tuesdays are the best days for shopping because, for whatever, reason people don't shop on Tuesdays so much. When I have to go in a WM in other places, like you, I cringe at the noise, brightness, etc.
I park as close to the store as possible as the security cameras only reach a little ways into the parking lot.

Together We Save said...

Oh my word... that is terrible. I actually almost never go to Walmart.... in our little town it is the hit and run capital of the world!

myletterstoemily said...

ronda: what in the world?

sandra: next time, IF there is a next
time, i will look for those cameras!

Meg said...

Oh my gosh! What a horrible thing to find after a horrible time at Wal-Mart. I only let my husband drag (yes, drag) me to Wal-Mart once a year - July 4th because the sodas are cheap. Even that once and I start feeling a panic attack. I don't blame you for never wanting to go!

Hey, I'm glad you liked the zombie! LOL!

Jenners said...

Our Wal-Mart isn't so bad ... they redesigned it and it is much more attractive and easier on the eyes. Not to say I like it there ... but it is A LOT cheaper (like $1 to $2 cheaper on most stuff and it is hard to ignore that).

But I could see how your experience made you not want to return. And the shredding???? How awful!

Lea said...

Oh, be glad that you have a choice. We pretty much have WM and nothing else. Not good!

How cute about the "singer on Sunday."


Maria said...

Thank you Lea for your sweet comment about my dog, Muffin ~
I love my small little local Hannaford market.
I find the prices at Walmart a pretty good deal...but nothing compares to the quick ~ around the store to find everything I need ... quiet and friendly.
Small little parking lot too ~
Every Thanksgiving they have free range Turkeys from Plainville Farms and Jaindl turkeys too ...
I don't think Walmart will have those :o)

Enjoy your little markets Lea!

Frances said...

Thank you so much, Lea, for visiting my Little Birds blog. Your kind words mean so much. I've discovered that if I go to my local Wal-Mart very early in the morning (I consider 8:00 very early), the crowds are not nearly as bad. I refuse to step into that store on a weekend, though. No way, no how! But my sweet husband is willing to pick up a few things every now and then if I'm desperate for something. The prices are, indeed, so much better than elsewhere. I loved reading your posting .... especially loved the part about your being the church singer! And "cars being saved" .... how funny! Thanks for giving me a smile this evening. Hugs to you ...

koralee said...

Oh my friend...sometimes it is hard to be in good cheer! Walmart makes my head spin too...I have decided to shop in nice little non-mall or big box shops for Christmas this year...where they make you feel welcome and give you apple cider and yes will even wrap your gifts! Now that gets me in the Christmas spirit. xoxoox

JBR said...

I really do not like to shop period. I have been shopping more on line. Thank you for your post. Blessings.

Leslie said...

I find myself shopping @ Walmart Neighborhood Market at times - unfortunately, they usually DO have great prices on food & goods - I feel sorry for our locally owned & run grocery stores - how can they compete? I try to "balance" my shopping between the two.

Gee, I've never encountered a shredded tire though! I'm sure I'd be grumbling all the way home!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Beth Priest said...

I can hardly stand walmart. Never-the-less I still shop there fairly regularly.

Vee said...

Oh dear! When Wal*Mart looks that bad, I can't take it either. Otherwise, I'm all about one-stop shopping. Back in the old days, all Saturday was spent running errands hither and yon. No more!

I'm so sorry about your tires. That is outrageous!

Beth Priest said...

OH man I put the wrong number on my blog. I meant 5 of us. I am pregnant but with only one. ; ). I am sure twins would be fun and a whirlwind.

Brenda Leyland said...

Enjoyed your posting!

my musings....is the savings in the pocketbook worth that hassle? Do we put more value on saving money than saving our peace of mind and sense of joy in daily activity?

Mmmmmm.... you make me think about that.......

Girl Meets Paris said...


Shredded tires...oh dear!


Deborah Ann said...

Yikes, my car isn't saved. How on earth did your tire get shredded? That's a fine how-do-you-do for the brave attempt to shop at Walmart!

Hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!

Natasha said...

Lea, I too avoid those great big stores as much as possible and try to support the local small businesses as much as I can.

I am so sorry to hear that your tire was slashed. I think it was a sign that you weren't meant to be there!

Best wishes always,

the runaway romantique said...

I miss Walmart! And thanksgiving for that matter. France is not so big on turkey. Sorry to hear about your tires :(

Just wanted to drop by and say hi and that you have a lovely blog!

- the runaway

My name is PJ. said...

For real? Shredded?

I am not a fan of any place that draws crowds of rude people on a tear. When I go to Walmart, I go at 6 am....and, no, I'm not kidding.

And Stu does all the grocery shopping, praise be to God. That right there should tell you how much I would dislike that task. :)

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I noticed not one smiling face in your Walmart picture. I feel like the life blood gets sucked out of me in those places as well...Thanks for your sweet comments on my snow post...Happy Thanksgiving!