Monday, September 13, 2010

fried chicken, baby!

i am in such a pickle, because that darling kim from field of dreams
has shared so many endearing stories about her beloved chickens.
they feel like family to me now.

on top of that, her newest batch of chickens is the sweetest one of all.
my dilemma, you ask?

fried chicken is about my favorite food!   i could eat it morning, noon,
and night.  the guilt is killing me.  please don't tell kim about my
'fowlibalistic' tendencies when you visit her.

she thinks i love her precious hens so much i could just eat them up
but doesn't realize i am actually doing that.  :)

the fantastic mrs. fox

ps.  "for everything God created is good (food), and nothing is to
be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving . . ." 1 timothy 4:4


High Heeled Life said...

Oh my dear .. this post hit home today!!! Mr.G has been speaking of getting chickens for our property (among some other small animals, he thinks would be great to have) ... I just don't know if I could have them as pets . knowing inside we could be preparing a long distance member of their family.... XO HHL

Farm Girl said...

Lovely post!! I love your chicken pictures. Really, chicken from the store is different from the ones you raise. Though, I don't give them names. If I named them it would be like family. So they are just hens.
You are so sweet Lea, and thank you for linking me. :)

Rosie said...

Oh Sweet Lea...
I feel your I too love a good crispy drumstick...giggle
.......Oh my dear Lea, I have missed you so! Thank you for each and every kind word you have gifted me with...what a lovely welcome home!
I am off to the mail box this morning and will let you know what I find...will pop back VERY soon for a longer cuppa. Right now I must play "Catch up" and go in search of treasures for the shop...thank you for each and every SMILE you place on my lips...I so adore you...Rosie

Kim said...

So its not just me? LOL I also follow the chicken adventures of Kim and also Dog Trot Farms (Julie has named them and yes I am attached)
And every time I read a cute post about one of the "gals" adventures I get a twinge of guilt.

Darcie said...

LOL!!! Every Sunday after church my mom cooked fried chicken...nothing better! I am getting melancholy just thinking about...and a little hungry too.

Happy Monday!

Blondie's Journal said...

Those chickens are cute. Seems everybody is raising chickens lately. Cluck, cluck!!


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Too funny...I too have enjoyed her chicken pictures and I have told people that if I were to ever have chickens they would have to be the pretty ones...I want the eggs. I also realized that in order to feed my family chicken we would have to have hundreds...since my boys can consume a whole chicken by themselves..that would be at least three chickens for one meal!!!
Oh, my!!!
I do enjoy hearing the I would have to have one that was really pretty also!!!

Fun post!!! from a wanna-be-farm girl...who lives in a congested neighborhood in the Metro-plex!!!

Bree said...

my goodness! I read this funny article that said every time you had a child you lost a third of your mind-hence I am in the negative! Forgive me, I know "emily" is bloggy land :) So glad Hailey is well :) Praying for you my dear.
Big big hugs sweet friend :)

{Jodie} said...

You make me laugh! :) This is so funny! Funny funny funny! And that you signed it "the fantastic mrs. fox"... you're adorable. :)

Vee said...

Very funny! But I'll not be visiting any more blogs that feature the gals if I start feeling one bit of guilt. This trend is so hot right now that many, many are raising chickens. They are so pretty and their eggs so colorful.

Single and Sane said...

Growing up, I used to hear stories about my great-grandmother chasing dinner, er, chickens around the yard and then wringing the neck of the unlucky one that she caught. I always wonder how you eat something after you've done that.

But the stuff that comes wrapped in Styrofoam and cellophane at the grocery store? That, I have no trouble with. I think as long as you've never made eye contact with your dinner, it's all good. ;-)


Deborah Ann said...

I do love fried chicken, but if they were my friends first...I don't know if I could eat them. I've never had a chicken, so there's no way of knowing if I would eat my happy little friend or not. So I guess I'm gonna just keep eating my chicken, and thank my lucky stars that I don't know any of the them personally.

KFC rocks!!!

Cheri Bunch said...

Poor chickies! :)

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Lea, Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and your prayers for my mom and sis.
It is a relief to have my mom safe and sound and so well cared for. I couldn't ask for more.
My sister has 4 of the 6 chemos done!!! Wooooo Hooooo!!!
We need lots of prayer and are so thankful for every single prayer!

Southern Lady said...

Love me some fried chicken! Carla

Rosie said...

I went to the mailbox this morning, and what did I find? The cutest little pink package you ever did see...ah, but the fun does not end there...for inside this pink wonderment, was ANOTHER wee parcel tied up with a little ribbon and a collection of sweet words in the prettiest card ever made.
Oh Lea, your little songbird sings sooo sweetly...thank you so much for sharing her with me. I will in turn share her with each and every lady that enters my little shop...she will singing at Roses and Rutabagas often...thank you my dear friend.
When Koralee gets home, I will pass her little treasure onto her as well...still smiling Rosie

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love chickens scratching about the farmyard and in my tummy too. At least these days we don't have to chop of their heads ourselves when we want a chicken dinner (that's how it was when I was a kid).

Janna Qualman said...

Yes, yes. Chickens are dual purpose, aren't they? :)

Farm Girl said...

Dear Lea,
I am praying and will keep praying.
I will send you a hug, and I know that the God of all comfort will be with you and in you and I will pray He will carry you gently under His wings.
I know what might help, chicks! They really do help. :) They saved my life after the kids got married.

Gloria said...

Laughing here! :) Too funny!!
I love fried chicken as well. I don't want to know about any that I have had to eat that were somebody's pets!
I sure have noticed a lot of "chicken love" going on out here in blogland lately! I think it stems from all of us wanting to get back to basic good, clean, fun family it use to be on the farm. :)

kate said...

i have pets chickens and i'd say that having them has made me even more okay with eating fowl. i do prefer to eat chickens that have lived happy lives though :) the film "food incorporated" ruined me for sure!

Together We Save said...

I totally understand I really try not to look as chicken and cows as pets.... it makes it had to eat dinner if you do.

Cheri Bunch said...

Thinking of you today. Hoping you will have many reasons to smile throughout the day! Blessings!

Farm Girl said...

Just checking in to see how you are,
I am still praying for you.
OOOO just in case you needed a few hugs.

Mountain Mama said...

My mom made the absolute best fried chicken! My mouth waters just thinking about those perfectly seasoned and crunchy pieces of chicken. Mmmm Mmmm!

Have you heard the song "Chicken Fried" by Zac Brown Band? Check it out.