Saturday, October 2, 2010

50 push ups for me!

my friend margaret, at single and sane, wrote the most inspirational essay
on the beauty of not being too thin.  it was music to my chubby ears, as
it is apparently a tiny bit healthier to be a tiny bit heavier.  woo hoo!

this coincided with my first two weeks of a diet and almost sabotaged it,
but i held firm to my new standard.  no cheesecake after midnight.

i also walk everywhere i go . . . in the house and am really into pushups,
especially the orange cream ones or the victoria secret ones.

honest to goodness, i was going to write a serious treatise on my lifestyle
changes, but it all of sudden started to seem so funny.  today, after trying
on too many pants that were still TOO tight, i spotted a tiny sign at the
bottom of the dressing room mirror.

"we want you to be beautiful."

well, they should have dimmed the lights.


"all is vanity."  ecclesiastes 1:2


Janna Qualman said...

Sometimes beauty comes the second after allowing your spirit the best of treats, including push ups. :)

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Carrying an extra 10 pounds is good for us! So instead of losing 2 pounds this week, I can say I lost 12?

I'm walking and reducing sugar & fat in my diet for health reasons, but when it comes to beauty, I think we are all beautiful when we smile, love back, and spread a little kindness. :)

Happy day to you, Lea!

Farm Girl said...

Oh you are so funny, I really loved this post and really you don't know how I needed to hear it. I was impressed to about the 50 push-ups. :)
I think it is all true, I was chasing my grand kids yesterday, Gosh five seems like so many but I found the best way to diet, I had grabbed a banana, one of them said, gama, can I have a bite? Then I was having yogurt and the next two said,
gama can I have a bite?
So the best in weight control.
Thanks for making me laugh.

Aubrey said...

This post cracked me up! As an avid exercise hater, I nodded along and giggled throughout.

P.S. You are one of the least chubby people I know, Lea. :)

myletterstoemily said...

thanks, aubrey!! what a sweet
way to put that!

High Heeled Life said...

From some of the blog visit catch ups - I'm starting to notce most of us are on a get well lifestyle change... maybe we can all pull together and motivate each other along...

I'm trying to kick sugar .. yes my name is HHL and I'm addicted to sweet sugar... HHL

myletterstoemily said...


you are so right! thank you.

Lisa said...

Well Lea you do know the extra fluff does smooth out the wrinkles.:)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I am laughing...I am sooooooooo with you!!!

I have heard that going into menopause with some extra weight makes it I am going for easier!!!

Well I too am working on that life change...I am walking every day, now if my fat would just release itself from my body because of my efforts.

Thanks for the I try to go figure out something to wear to the post game party...where your team may have "put us down."...then everyone will be so upset they won't care what I am wearing...LOL

Kathy said...

Actually I thought orange cream push ups were a food group when I was growing up...The goodhumor man and orange push ups were one and the same!
Loved this post!
Thank You for your prayers...I covet them.
Dave is doing well...we're manuvering through some symptoms with the Lords help.
Life is good and
GOD is great.

xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Single and Sane said...

I did some low-cal fudgesicle push-ups myself earlier today. Come to think of it, that box isn't empty...

Sandy said...

You've missed your calling, Lea.
You need to get busy with your
stand-up routine and get out
there and spread your good
humor, pun intended.

Debbie said...

Oh Lea, I couldn't help but laugh my way through this post!

You should see my messy closet right now. Nothing fits. I never used to understand why it takes some women so long to get ready. I would simply throw something on and go. Well, since I gained some weight recently nothing fits. It takes me so long to try on and then try on again. I'm finding I'm becoming late when I used to pride myself on always being on time.

I guess I finally understand!

Jo said...

"No cheesecake after midnight."

Love it...! Works for me... :-)

I've seen your picture, and I think you're gorgeous just the way you are.

Sonja said...

This is so fun! 'push ups and 'push ups'...

I'm working like crazy to get the rest of the weight off... it's beginning to feel so much better, but I also do NOT like the mirrors in dressing rooms!!

and btw... have I mentioned that I don't like the taste of crow?? OU stomped us today... i know you are thrilled, we're just glad it's over!! :)

Susan B said...

Hi Lea,
Loved are too cute!!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend...bless you. :)

Susy said...

I just happened upon you're blog...and it's delightful. I too am working on getting "fit" along with the ladies from my life group. Made some headway this week.

I'll be back. Blessings.

Deb said...

That is the cutest post ever and now I can settle into my diet plateau and not worry about it so much. I sometimes forget that I'm not 25 anymore. I lost 40 pounds this year, so I'd say that's pretty good.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

How funny! I echo my affection for the push-ups, as long as they are orange or VS branded. I think the ones we do in the gym are just torture.

Good luck with the new regime,

Cinnamon said...

This was great!! I loved every funny word of it~


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Fun post, again, Lea. I do love this kind of push ups ;D
Have a sweet Sunday and a good start to the new week. xxx

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've many many times heard people say of those who are overweight "but she has a beautiful face". I'm working on my face :-)

Sarah Mae said...

Lea, I just wanted to post on your blog how thankful I am for you and your comment!

Here is the link to the gift basket that helps the charity:

you are lovely, and whoever receives the gifts will love them!

Crown of Beauty said...

this post lightens up the load, thank you for your natural sense of humor.

I love pushups too -- the kinds you mentioned.

Well, it is just good that I also love walking. It is healthier, as it allows movement that our muscles need.

But really, I do need to put on a few extra pounds. Your post encouraged me today.

Thank you!


Sandra said...

But I AM beautiful...just ask me...made in the image of God, you see. As to carrying a few extra pounds, I figure if I ever get sick, I'll need that extra weight to help fight illness. Skinny people go down faster than not skinny people.
Please, put us on your prayer list, Leah, we're having some health problems and should find out something this week.

{Jodie} said...

No cheesecake after midnight... your discipline is staggering.

I wish I had the words today to tell you how much I love this post. It's fun and lighthearted and also something I think we all need to hear... it's so easy to OBSESS over our bodies...and that obsession is the worst misery. It has lead me down paths of destruction and fed my dysfunction, ironically making my body more and more unhealthy... and even less beautiful. Ugh.

Love you dear woman. xo

Deborah Ann said...

Haha, dim the lights is right! I especially hate those dressing room mirrors. Though I did just lose 17 lbs, so I'm not feeling all that bad.

I love pushups too. Did you ever have an orange float? They are simply divine!

Vee said...

Oh I loved that post by Margaret, too. And I really like this one as well...your wit is so much fun to read.

Gwendolyn said...

Isn't that the way we are? So true! I can identify with what you said and then loved the way you ended with the verse in Ecclesiastes. Great thoughts and a good chuckle!

KarenHarveyCox said...

That's so funny about dimming the lights. I try to eat right, but the older I get the harder it seems to lose the weight. I take after my Grandmother, and I also love to bake.


Dianne said...

This is hilarious, Lea, and I have my doubts that you are chubby--maybe your ears--I'll give you that--

Well, you gave me a good laugh for the night so I think I will go to bed on this note of good humor.

Hope your week is blessed!


His Song To Sing said...

I can sure relate to this post, Lea. I'm really trying to lose weight too. I'll have to remember your great tip of "no cheesecake after midnight." Thanks for the laughs! If I was only carrying 10 extra pounds, I guess I might have been more encouraged by Single and Sane's article.

Thanks ALWAYS for your sweet comments. Your support of my rare "ramblings" keeps me going. I'm sorry I don't get to every single one of yours with a comment. I do read them! I think I need to go through my Reader and eliminate some blogs so I can make sure to get to the ones that really matter to me ... like yours!

Glad to know we have Oklahoma in common too!

Uncanny Colleen said...

Oh my! I just laughed myself right into the restroom!

This couldn't have been more appropriately timed for me! I just forced myself to put down my WeightWatchers Points Calculator and close the freezer. I had been standing there contemplating eating one of the PushUp pops that my husband had bought for our little boys. ONLY 2 POINTS!!! I would have done it, but there are only three left. So, I am sure that my darling little boys would be upset if their chubby mom stayed that way because she was stealing their treats!

Bree said...

Oh Lea,
You're too funny! Praying all is going well with your sweet one. Looking forward to the update :) God bless you.