Monday, June 7, 2010

oh, boo!

my mother in law is one of our fair city's most beloved women.   she
is gracious and kind to every person she meets and always remembers
their name.  even though the rest of the community calls her husband,
'mr. h.', she is known to everyone as 'peg.'

and when i say everyone, i mean the grocery clerks, the waitresses at
olive garden, the gas attendants at texaco, the teachers at the local
elementary school, and every employee in her husband's company.

her beauty is legendary, her charm is remarkable, but her skill in
extracting money from local business men is extraordinary.  in one
year she raised about $2,000,000 for our flailing local libraries by
frying up bacon, baking homemade pecan rolls, and pleading with
those helpless men for their dollars.

she is a woman of great faith and wisdom.  having been in her
sunday school classes, i can attest to her understanding and love
of the scriptures and her Saviour.   having been her daughter in
law for almost 30 years, i can speak of her kindness and grace.

one of my favorite 'peg' traits, though,  is her humility.  recently,
she made one of her delicious soups, but when we tried to praise
her, she said what she always says, "oh boo!"

"humility and the fear of the Lord bring wealth, honor, and life."
proverbs 22:4



Farm Girl said...

Oh what a very sweet tribute to your Mother in law. So sweet and something to aspire too.
Thanks for sharing about her to us. It sounds like she is a Proverbs 31 lady.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh Sweet! and Oh Boo!

My grandma use to say "oh phooey" whenever given a compliment. Those previous generations were/are so selfless and humble.


Dawn G. said...

I'm so blessed that you're reading my blog. I love all your comments, and have enjoyed your blog as well.

To answer your question here, our battle with cancer was 8 years ago. I am remembering it in order to record it for one, but mostly to celebrate what God has done in our lives in regard to a real life and death battle - that God has graciously allowed us to win (so far).

Deb said...

I hope my DIL's feel that way about me. I love them both and we have a good relationship. Lovely sentiments.

a little lovely said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment! hopefully you'll get your stickers soon, i'd love to know what you think of them once you get them :)

and yes, if you'd like help in the future with updating your blog, i'd love to help you.

have a good week!!

Vee said...

That Peg! Well it's always wonderful to read praises for a mother-in-love. She sounds like a gal who has a wonderful influence over her community. (There's a commercial on now for heaven knows what where the woman trashes her mother-in-law toward the end. I despise that commercial and don't even know what it's for.)

vivek said...

Wow , 1st of all thank a lot for coming up with this amazing post.

A very ..Inspirational ..heart touching ..your mother in law is really a true sweetheart .. the real Peg ..and you are blessed having a influential ..personality with .. that feels great .. as you have mentioned ..she collected this huge amount so easily does really reflect ...she is really " Some kind of Wonderful" ..a person with heart of a angel .. always helping others ..
and I also find Some glimpse of her in you as well .. you too have a gr8 heart ...which is very rare...

Loved the whole

Thanks ..waiting to hear the new one ..from you our way..

take care ..

Keep smiling :)
have a great DAY :)!

Jenny said...

Wow, what a wonderful woman or should I say what wonderful women. It's nice to see such a great relationship between M-I-L and D-I-L!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Very, very, very sweet thoughts for the beloved Mother-in-Law.

How many daughters-in-law would speak graciously about their Mother-in-law?

Your proverbial lady sounds like my late mother.

Isn't it fair that we give them honour for their kind deeds?

Ah ... my favourite Biblical characters that depict your story is You know who ... Naomi and Ruth.

Have a lovely day Lea.

(Am bit of insomniac as I am obviously sleep deprived).

My name is PJ. said...

I love her already! And $2M for such a great cause speaks VOLUMES about her.

I do so love the way you fit scripture into your posts, Lea. It's always so perfect!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Good week for mother-in-law post...she sounds precious.
I know when I became a mother-in-law myself I also looked at that position differently.
Blessed to read about your mother-in-law,

gigi said...

That was such a great tribute to a wonderful lady. Cool.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

This was a sweet tribute to your mother-in-law. You are blessed to have her in your life if she is all you say!

Andrea said...

How blessed you are to have a great mother in law. I am forming a good relationship with mine after almost 9 years. Peg sounds like a great woman!

Southern Lady said...

She sounds wonderful! You are very lucky to have such a great MIL. Carla

Sonja said...

She sure sounds like a Proverbs 31 woman. You are blessed to have such a mother in law, and she is blessed to have you as well!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a jewel! That's a cute saying she has.

The Shiny Pebble said...

She sounds like someone I would love to meet. Lucky you to have such a role model right ther next to you. :)

Brittany Ann said...

She's who I want to be when I grow up!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a very sweet lady!

Silver Strands said...

Fabulous tribute!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

What a blessing for you,and how honoring you are to her! I would love it if someday I had a daughter in law who loved me even half as much as you love her!

Privet and Holly said...

YOU are so lucky to have such an inspiring woman for your mother-in-law! We need more like her in this world! Many blessings to you both.
xx Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Yes I will vote for her...but I can't figure out how too! She has an amazing voice!! When you reply can you reply through your blog! Thanks!

myletterstoemily said...

thanks, emily! you're a doll.

just go to the next post and
click the link to vote.

bless you!!!

Auntie Cake said...

What a sweet tribute. You are so lucky to have such an amazing woman as your MIL. And I need her secrets for fundraising. Our local library could use a boost!