Wednesday, June 30, 2010

and the winner is . . .

. . . sonja!  i did a random drawing of names of those who voted
and left encouraging comments for sunday lane and am so happy
that my sweet friend from bit and pieces won.  she has become
dear to me these past few months, encouraging me with such kind

this fragrance and atomizer from 'creed' is apparently the hottest
item these days.  i wouldn't know, because i'm a 'joy' girl and
never venture to the perfume counter for myself.

i know i have tried the patience of all my friends over this dream
of my daughter's and i feel badly about that.  it is usually difficult
for me to ask favors.   mostly, though, i am thankful to those who
didn't care that i became THAT mom and supported us regardless.

a panel of judges will now decide from the top 20 bands who will
open for the 'hansons' concert.  nothing more for us to do.  don't
be afraid to come over here anymore.  :)

and you can bet that from now on i will be responding to any of
your pleas for help, should the need arise.

"a thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue but the parent of
all other virtues." -cicero

"i thank my God every time i remember you."  philippians 1:5



Privet and Holly said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for your daughter and for your winner, because I think SHE is wonderful, too. Happy news! xx Suzanne

Single and Sane said...

Congratulations to Sonja and to Sunday Lane! I know the last few days must have been a roller coaster ride for all of you , and I'm thrilled that Sunday made it to the finals!


Cinnamon said...

Excited for you both!! Congratulations~


Cindy said...

Sonja deserves this. She has been a blessing to me too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sunday. Your our number one pick. It was fun being apart of this adventure with you. The whole household took turns voting for you. We love you. Go Sunday Lane. A

Debbie said...

You are so sweet!!~ I have no expectations at all of winning....the experience along of doing the video and having you all see it, was rewarding in itself:) You can vote as many times as you Mom told me she hits vote, backspace, vote again, she says it goes real fast. The votes do not register for awhile so rest assure yours will count sometime. Thanks so much.

Vee said...

Terrific gift for your blessed winner.

Lisa said...

This is so exciting! I see good things ahead for Miss Sunday Lane.:)

Jemm said...

Wow, how exciting! I've not been over to your blog in...well, too long. I sure hope she wins and I missed out on a really 'sweet' giveaway!

Debbie said...

I love Sonja! So I'm thrilled that she won. She is such a precious sister. You probably know that she's heading off to Norway for the wedding.


Joan Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad Sunday made it to the finals. And it was fun watching you being a cheering on Mum. I did go over and get started a few times but its been a busy time for me so I never got through the voting.

High Heeled Life said...

Congratulations to Sonja!!!

Way to go Sunday Lane!!!! I'll keep sending positive energy and wishing you a great win!!! HHL

Lisa said...

You were asking about TinyPic. I just download photos from my camera onto my computer and then upload them onto TinyPic . That's how you get the HTML codes to post with. Flickr and Photobucket do the same thing. The 15 year old taught me on TinyPic so that's what I use! LOL! It would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic! I am a complete computer illiterate. :)

Janna Qualman said...

Aw, so nice!

Best to your daughter.

And Lea, I just have to say, your comments are so refreshing. Thank you. :)

Silver Strands said...

Awwww - sweet post.

My name is PJ. said...

Congrats, Sonja! I'm so glad Sunday is in the finals....

off to vote again....

My name is PJ. said...

Oops....I didn't read for total comprehension. I can't vote any longer. :(

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Congratulations to Sonja and your daughter :o) Looking forward to the results of the contest-that is so exciting and such a blessing to hear that she is in the finals!
And yay! for a supportive mama like yourself! :o)
(Our children have been blessed with music abilities genes from my hubby and (it skipped over me from) my I am always encouraging them to sing or as in the case of our son sing, play his guitar and create his fact, I am hoping I can get my next post together and share some of his songs that he wrote on my post...another computer challenge for me!)

Blessings & Aloha!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Dear Lea, In regard to a comment of recently... :-) I felt you probably didn't mean for that, to be Published in my open comments. I felt it was something you'd rather send to me backchannel [in private e-mail]. So, I did not click on Publish, for it. I was going to ask you first.

And forgot to go ask you... :-(

But all is fine now, I hope.

Thank you for telling me, of your first hand experience!

Gentle hugs...

Sewn With Grace said...

Very exciting times! Have a wonderful, blessed day!

Dawn G. said...

Hmmm...not sure which feature I lead with. I tend to be wade in slowly too...but I've never thought on this before; you have left me with something to think about.

Looking forward to what happens with Sunday Lane.

Jenny said...

Hooray for Sonja!!!!

That is so cool about the top 20 - Best of Luck Sunday Lane!!!

I love that name too!!!