Wednesday, May 26, 2010

overwhelmed and unhappy?

last night i spent time praying for some sweet young moms who
are exhausted and emotionally wrung out.  fatigue is such a thief
of our contentment and ability to handle even the smallest chores.

almost every challenge can be dealt with better after a good
night's sleep.  my epitaph will read, "man, could she nap!"

if athletes and astronauts need their rest to perform their best, how
much more should moms? what's the big deal about bouncing a
ball or flying around in space?   we have these dear little ones who
deserve our clearest thinking and most loving care.

"it is vain to rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread
of anxious toil; for He gives His beloved sleep."
psalm 127:2

"but how am going to sleep if the baby is up all night, and i
have a toddler awake most of the day?"

desperate times call for desperate measures.  we have to sleep
whenever they do and finish our chores when they are awake.
on weekends, let our precious husbands get up with the baby.

tell them you will reward them for every extra hour's sleep.  :)



Leah said...

It's nice to meet you Lea! Thanks for coming by! The idea of writing your blog in letter form is a really neat one! :-)

Janna Qualman said...

So, so true. This post really speaks to me, Lea. Thanks.

Farm Girl said...

I agree, trying to focus on life, when you have had 2 hours of sleep in very hard. I love your epitaph.
Very wise.

Andrea said...

AMEN!! If mom's don't take care of themselves...everything else falls apart. It is a gift to their children and husband when they get the necessary amount of sleep and their other needs met. Too often, we forget about it.
Great post!!

Southern Lady said...

Such good advice! Carla

Sonja said...

oh I remember those nights so well!

and now, I am so thankful for every sacrifice made to care for my 3 precious ones...

you are a rascal Lea... the idea of a 'reward' makes me smile!!

koralee said...

Oh I so agree with you...the best present ever was when my mom would come watch the babies so I could sleep. Praying for sweet young moms everywhere. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

i have a hard time napping...i really wish i could do it though. one thing i try to do is have an hour of "me" time in the afternoon. no computer or phone. just loose-leaf tea with honey and cream and a book or occasionally, a nap. it is unbelievable the discipline required to pry myself away from chores. thank you for the encouraging post. i better get to bed :)

Cinnamon said...

Wonderful advice for seasoned Mama's as well. I know I never even considered taking a nap when I was younger. I just had sooo much energy. Now I still have lots of energy and still do not like taking naps (so much could be getting done, played, shared etc...) but I have made myself sit down and rest. To give myself permission to not run myself ragged. And over what? laundry, dishes, toys, way!! Not this Mama :-)

love your post~ Cinnamon

Rosie said...

Oh yes, how I remember those sleepless nights...and days of just going through the motions...survival, being the word of the day.
Your scripture is ALWAYS so appropriate and poignant...thank you my dear...XOXO..Rosie

My name is PJ. said...

This is where I wish more women would take an active role in helping their friends and neighbors.

If we could swap babysitting for an afternoon a week with one another so that we could have a great nap in the afternoon, for instance, how much nicer the world would be.

The Zhush said...

This is SO true! SO TRUE!

Mountain Mama said...

So true. Great advice. I was the napping queen when I had toddlers and pregnant. Speaking of naps....

Good night!


{Jodie} said...

I feel so guilty for sleeping, leaving the house in shambles.... maybe though, I need to change my narrative about naps, and also make better use of my waking hours so that the house is less "shambly". Thanks darlin'.
Also, I may but that Psalm up somewhere in my house to give me permission to sleep. :)

Steve Finnell said...

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Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh yes! Nap when they do! Catch up on everything, when they are up!

And never let toddlers/children stop taking a nap or quiet time. So Momma can do so daily too. It can be done!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

And OF COURSE Daddy helps!!! Good grief yes!

No need to promise to repay.

Wasn't he part of making the family?

Sorry, but I get very upset by anyone, not simply ASSUMING all sorts of help, from the Fathers. My Husband did! His Sons do!

Of course!!!!!!!!!!!!

-pheeeewwwww- Down off my soap box now.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

I remember those exhausting years. I agree, it's all about priorities, and if the chores don't get done right away so that Mom is a better person for having rested up, then that's the best way.

Some great advice there,

myletterstoemily said...

pj! i meant to say that also! moms need
to help each other more.

we used to trade off all the time. when
you have a couple, what's a couple more?

Jenny said...

Somehow when we have children we assume that we must become invisible and make every waking moment count towards perfection.

Being a perfect Mom, keeping a perfect house...doing it all and being it all for everyone all the time.

But that's such a sad road to start down. The most we ever have to offer our children and our loved ones is us as person...not perfectly ironed clothes or gourmet meals.

It is us. The essence and soul of us that is what our loved ones benefit from.

Letting things go doesn't make you a makes you aware of what is really important.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Re: Your comment on my post... :-)

Sorry but no such luck as "Band of Horses" being from my home town. I just meant that I like their kind of [down-home] rock. :-)))))

They were Seattle-born and now South Carolina-based. This old Yankee loves 'em.

Darcie said...

Peeking in on some of my favorite blogs. This post spoke straight to me today!! Sometimes we just have to stop and take a breather. Thanks for your uplifting post. I am not necessarily be refreshed in body right now(speaking of fatigue), but this post was refreshing in spirit. Back to my chore list for now. ;-)

KarenHarveyCox said...

I remember those days, when I walked around in a daze. The hardest part was that I knew it was the most joyous time in my life, yet I couldn't feel the joy through the fatigue.

Once, I had my little Sarah chatting away as I walked Ashley in the stroller. An older woman approached and said to me "Do you know that this is the most joyful time of your life?" I went home and cried. I called my mom and said "I am too tired to feel the joy."

A good reason to pray and feel compassion.

Vee said...

Overfatigue definitely should be avoided like the plague. I remember those days very well and I feel that I am reliving them at some level now. Yup, good advice you're dispensing.

Liane said...

Yes, sleep is such a treasure....It's amazing how mom's can go and go with little sleep. But, then, it does happen - the kids get that much older and before you realize it - you can go to be early or sleep a little later. My teens know, when mom needs to catch up - leave her alone! I did this Tuesday - came home from work and took a 3 hour nap....I awoke a new person!
Great post!!

Jenners said...

Well said. My most precious resource since my son arrived has been sleep. I can never get enough and take it at every chance I get.

Auntie Cake said...

That is the sweetest thing to pray for! I remember being a new mom with a husband that always had to be away for work, and feeling that I just couldn't seem to get the house cleaned and the babies taken care of all at the same time. (okay, I still can't clean the house...)

Enjoy this beautiful weekend that God has in store for us! We are having our floors done so all our furniture is in one room and we are living out of our basement. I cant wait to get it all put back together, I am not very good at camping in my own home!

Bree said...

my biggest lesson was (and still sometimes is) not being selfish. finally realizing if I went to bed early my day would be so much better with my little ones as opposed to having "me time", staying up late, not going to bed when my hubby did and being QUITE unpleasant the next day....and the cycle continued, affecting every area of OUR lives. there is a time and a season for everything, doing it HIS way is so much better:) Lea, praying you are having a wonderful day-we've been so very busy, I keep thinking about how much I want to write-but alas, it is all floating around in my brain! as always, i love reading your posts-so very encouraging, not only to me but so many others :) God bless!