Friday, April 23, 2010

ronda roush studios

one of the most precious gifts shelby received before her wedding
was created by my incredibly talented friend, ronda.  she has been
designing and painting limoge china for years and has her treasures
requested by boone pickens, governor's wives, and sororities on
gazillions of campuses.

you can view her gorgeous designs on her web page, ronda roush

after studying shelby's exquisite bernardaud 'au jardin' pattern and
the accompanying adorable anne weatherley polka dot design, ronda
created a china tea set with her new initial to match.  hailey took
these lovely photos, as i am photographically challenged.

ronda is such a treasure!  in addition to her painting and designing
skills, she is also an accomplished pianist and composer, whose
tremendous desire to worship blesses our church every sunday.

sometimes she accompanies me, and we have a blast, though we have
a small hurdle to jump.  she has practically lost all her hearing, and i
have a terrible sense of time, which makes us musically challenged. 
please pray for her, because very soon she is having an experimental
procedure to restore her hearing!  there is no hope for me.  :(

although she creates the most beautiful things, she is really cherished
because she always "displays the incorruptible beauty of  a gentle and
quiet spirit."  1 peter 3:4



Farm Girl said...

I will pray for your friend, she sounds wonderful. The china is just beautiful. Too bad about your timing though, I almost flunked modern dance because I can't either. :)

Jeannie B. said...

What beautiful China. And it sounds like you have a lovely friend.

Rebecca said...

Lovely china, lovely friend.

I have too left feet. Coordinated hands and crazy, helpless feet! :(


christy rose said...

That china is beautiful! And it seems that you have a friend that you should cherish forever. It isn't easy finding such treasures. I will be praying for her and her upcoming procedure.

Ronda said...


Your writings always bring a tear to my eyes, either from laughing or moving me otherwise, but this, today, is too much! I am so humbled by what you have said here. I have to straighten myself up before I meet my friend who is visiting from Nashville for lunch, she will think my dog died or something! What a gift this is to me today. Thank you!!!
PS I still think Shelby's china selections are the best I have ever seen. Dreamy.

Ronda said...

PSS AND I have several more people praying for me!!! Thank you thank you! Need that ear surgery soon, I keep meeting people at the wrong restaurant!

Mountain Mama said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I want some!!!!! :-)

What a sweet blessing she must be to you. We will pray for her hearing!


bbb said...

ronda IS truly beautiful inside and out!
thanks for the update. we'll continue to pray for perfect hearing.

JMW said...

What a talent! Those pieces are beautiful. Prayers and best wishes to her.

Staci Danford said...

That is the cutest China I have ever seen.. but you know I'm quite fond of the dots... What a wonderful gift.. Just LOVE LOVE it.. and yes mam....I can fix you right up with the liquify and Pam photo shoot.. haha

Sonja said...

So beautiful! And I love your friend Ronda... her comments made me laugh!

She is gifted indeed, and the china is a treasure! I love Limoges, and to have her personal and creative touch... wow!!

Rosie said...

Your dear friend will be in my prayers...isn't it fun to have sisters who share the same passions

...that perfectly pink, little bit of completely divine...what an heirloom...such a fortunate young on Rosie

Southern Lady said...

How beautiful! I'll pray that the procedure will go well and hearing will be restored. Carla

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Oh that china is So Beautiful! I absolutely love it! I want some... :)
I will pray for Ronda when she comes to mind also. Everyday that we can see, hear, walk, talk etc...we should be so thankful!

Melanie said...

What a beautiful and inspiring blog you have! So happy to have found it tonight so that I can follow your future posts.

~ ~

Anonymous said...

Very lovely china and very lovely post in honor of your dear friend Ronda.
Thank you for visiting Faded Ladies today and causing me to visit over here. Your site and your writing is beautiful.
Hugs and blessings,

Joan Elizabeth said...

The incorruptable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit ... lovely words and a lovely example in your story today. May we also be found beautiful in this way.

Deb said...

That is some of the prettiest china I've ever seen!

I shall pray for a good outcome of your friend's procedure.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Sooo nice to see photos here! [Thank you Hailey!] :-)

Beautiful, beutiful work!

Best wishes to this lady, on having her hearing restored!!!

Jo said...

I am just catching up on visiting my favorite blogs. Your blog is always wonderful. Your friend's china is too gorgeous for words. It's incredible.

Please wish her luck for me. Is she getting a cochlear implant? I have a friend who was profoundly deaf all her life, and when she got a cochlear implant, she heard birds singing for the first time. She said it was beautiful.



Jenners said...

I hope she gets her hearing back ... what a gift that would be.

And her china is amazing.

Deborah Ann said...

Wow, what incredible talent God has bestowed on her! I can just picture the two of you sitting at the piano together...I will pray for her, that God would open up her ears.

Sweet blessings,

Jenny said...

This is gorgeous China. What an amazing gift! I will put your sweet friend on my prayer list, too. She sounds lovely inside and out.

Auntie Cake said...

Oh my goodness! What a special present! The way to my heart is through beautiful china and I think I am now in love with your wonderful friend! How wonderful would it be to create something so lovely like that?

I pray that her hearing gets better with this procedure. And that she has peace over the entire situation. She sounds like a treasure for giving her time and skill to the people of your church. I love how you described her, that she "displays the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and
quiet spirit." 1 peter 3:4

How honored I would be to have a friend describe me that way!

Have a wonderful week, go walk across that love bridge for me!
And can I possibly get any more exclamation points in there?

prashant said...

it sounds like you have a lovely friend.
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