Friday, January 22, 2010


dear emily,

you have heard the saying that the glass is either half empty
or half full.  more importantly, we need to make sure that rich,
hearty stock fills our mug, so we have something sustaining
to pour into our little one's cup.

i have been flooded by inspiring quotes and messages this

first, my cousin lane (as in sunday lane) sent a list of five things
we  should do.  if you would like me to email the entire
motivating story, just let me know.

1.   everyone is significant and deserves attention.

2.   help people, you may encounter an angel.

3.   remember and reward those who serve you.

4.   the obstacles in your path may reveal treasure.

5.   give when it counts.

this, of course, reminded me of haiti and encouraged me
to dig in my pockets a little deeper...and wiser.  i have been
so touched by your little ones' gifts to the haitian children.
it also reminded me to open my eyes and SEE people.

jesus said, "whatever you do to the least of these, you
do unto me."  matthew 25:40

i will save the other inspirations for another day.



Joan Elizabeth said...

Both Sunday and Lane are very unusual names in Australia ... in fact I've never come across either of them (other than Nicole Kidman calling her daughter Sunday).

myletterstoemily said...

it brings me great joy to read of nicole's little sunday.

they are unusual names in the united stated, too.