Wednesday, January 20, 2010

endearing cell phones

dear emily,

it worries me to imagine who my children love best in the world.
i suspect it might be their cell phones.  not sure whether they
think of them in masculine or feminine terms,  but am certain
they consider them in terms of endearment.

they fuss at me for not keeping mine with me at all times and
scold me for calling it a car-phone.  does that hurt its feelings?
i hope not, because mine has been in the car for eight straight

when i reclaim it, there will probably be an emphatic message
asking, "mom! why don't you ever...?"  i immediately delete

occasionally, one of my darlings will start a conversation
like this, " hey mom, how is your cell phone?"

is that a trick question?

it is tempting to respond, "oh, it's ok, but a little under the

if i really want to frustrate them, i might say, "great!  but it
keeps making this annoying ringing noise."

hans just told me that if i don't turn it off while we are
flying, it will keep searching all day.

for what?????


"call to Me, and I will answer you and tell you great and
mysterious things."  jeremiah 33:3

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Anci said...

Thank you for asking (and in swedish !). It's ok with me. And what about you, is everything fine ? How much swedish do you know ? Where do you live ?

I like your post today !!