Friday, January 8, 2010

a now a word from our Sponsor...

dear emily,

my dear friend, patricia, just gave me one definition for being
offended: the bright light hurts.  a sweet young man in our
community has just surrendered his broken life to the Lord and
has offending some of his peers by his zeal for Him.   that is a
bright light that can use some shining!

when i was a little girl, my grandma watched a soap opera
that opened with the grand statement, "and these are the days
of our lives!" those poor people made one devastating choice
after another.  i remember shouting, "no, no, no!  don't do

i just told patricia that sometimes my family  feels like an
episode of 'day of our lives.'  one poor decision after another.
it can get very disheartening, and the enemy whispers,
"you're no better than the soap opera.  you are disqualified
from all your hopes and dreams."

that's when i need a word from my Sponsor, who tells me
that He isn't disillusioned with me, because He never had
any illusions about me.  He loves me, anyway.

now unto Him who is able,


Margaret said...

A Facebook friend asked people to post their greatest fears on his page a few weeks ago, and someone put "disappointing God." I saw it and thought, "that's mine, too!" until I remembered exactly what you said, "He isn't disillusioned with me, because He never had any illusions about me. He loves me, anyway."

myletterstoemily said...

we remember what it felt like to disappoint our earthly parents, i guess.

just read your new posts and loved them but had a question that i
wrote on your comment section.

Joan Elizabeth said...

It's always a comfort and reassurance to know just what you have written ... he loves me anyway.

Anne Lyken-Garner said...

This is so sweet. It's short but so profound. I like 'the word from our sponsor.' He never lets us down, no matter what horrible decisions we make.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Vee said...

Thank you for visiting me today. Wow! You've got something big right here now let me tell you. I can tell that it's big and so I'm going to do something that I've not done before...I'm putting you on my blogroll (if you don't mind) and I hope that you get lots and lots of readers. Your sage advice and Christian witness are not to be hidden under a bushel.

Debi said...

Having been a fan of Days of Our Lives in past years, I really appreciated how you found a redeeming way to connect it to the real world today. I love the idea of having God as my sponsor, and I'll take all the words from my Sponsor I can get.

Vee said...

Oh dear...already a problem...the blog is not updating as it should, but I do have you listed on my "Old-Fashioned Blogroll" as well.

myletterstoemily said...

thank you for your kind words!!!!

Vee said...

Lea, many (most) bloggers link to other blogs they enjoy or feel that others would especially enjoy. I used to have my list right on the main blog's sidebar. Now I have a link on my sidebar (to the right) to a second blog, which whisks readers off to my friends and favorites. You can check the next time you're there and you'll see that you are listed in the top list of blogs and also at the bottom in a "regular" list. I hope to feature you very soon as well. I really want to promote what you're doing here.

diane said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I like the way you write. I even read it twice to get everything out of it.