Wednesday, December 9, 2009

out of the mouth of babes

dear emily,

i have been mentoring a six year old girl named taylor who has stolen my heart.  today, i recited luke 2 to her, worrying that all the census taking might be a little above her head.  she said, "my mom would have to go all the way to california to register."

she asked me if i could bring mcdonald's for our lunch, and when she saw that i had a happy meal for each of us, said, "oh, you remembered to bring one for my brother!"  gulp...i hope he didn't mind drinking iced tea.

when she noticed that there were two happy meal toys, she promptly gave one away to her friend maya, who then gave her toy to taylor.  i started to say, "see, if you share..." but she finished, "someone shares with you!"

i thought i was doing a good deed to befriend an impoverished child, but she is much more generous and thoughtful than me.

it's almost as if the Lord is saying,"ok, we really need to get this poor lady a mentor! about that sweet, little taylor?"


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